Thank You Customers, We Feel So Loved!

This Valentine’s Day, we asked our customers to share some PDA for QuickBase in 90 characters or less. You didn’t hold back! We were flooded with reasons to love QuickBase and feel grateful to have such affectionate customers. In this post we’re sharing some of our favorite and most hilarious entries, as well as trends we noticed.

The responses came from a diverse set of QuickBase users but there were three common themes. Based on this word cloud synthesizing all the entries, it’s easy to see that QuickBase’s ease-of-use, flexibility and data management features are some of the most beloved.

Ease of Use

“It’s elegant, adaptable, easy to use, and easily adopted by novice users.”

The attribute that showed up in almost every response was “ease:” easy to use, easy to build apps, easy to deploy. QuickBase was designed so that the average businessperson can create his/her own solution and easily share it across teams and organizations. Succeeding at work is a challenge, the tools you use to achieve your goals shouldn’t be. While we were delighted to see that some of our customers are loving QuickBase’s ease-of-use, we’re constantly looking to improve this. So, keep giving us feedback and stay tuned!


“It allows the end user to determine the future, no other tool is as flexible.”

Considering the range of industries and diversity of business process challenges professionals face, QuickBase must be flexible in order to help users quickly build solutions for their unique problems. Our users have the ability to create applications from scratch that can then be deployed across a team, department or organization while integrating with existing systems.

Data Management Superpowers

“It allows me to quickly organize large sets of data making me look like the hero!”

Who said being able to wield data wasn’t a superpower? To our delight, we received a number of entries from users who have been dubbed “heroes” and “rockstars” within their orgs because of their seemingly effortless management of cumbersome data. As an online database, making data management easier is one of QuickBase’s core strengths. And QuickBase users love their data: there are currently 1.3 million reports with 5.3 million fields and 272 million records in active QuickBase apps. To infinity and beyond!

Some of Our Favorite Entries

  • “It can turn that sparkle in my eye to a usable app in under 5 minutes.”
  • “It’s made me a rockstar at my office by revolutionizing a lot of processes around here!”
  • “It adds order and structure to my life. I couldn’t be successful in my job without it.”
  • “It’s flexible and easy to develop. Exact opposite of big box apps.”
  • “It’s the hands down fastest and best ROI for business process collaboration.”
  • “Because the ratio of functionalities & efficiency to cost surpasses all other systems.”
  • “Every time I think ‘I wish I could…,’ QuickBase CAN!”
  • “It revolutionized how teams in my company work, helping us ditch project mgt in Excel!”
  • “It reduced a complex manual tracking & notifying process to a few easy key strokes. Yeah!!”
  • “It helped me grow from a nobody in the company to a global unifier of accessible data.”

The Funny-But-True Entries

  • “Who likes writing SQL queries?”
  • “We love QuickBase unconditionally. :)”
  • “It’s so easy a Troglodyte can work it. Reporting is a snap!”
  • “Anything else would be uncivilized.”
  • “I have the flexibility to do what I want w/ constant support. It’s my fantasy relationship.”
  • “It makes life easier and makes me look good (at work). “
  • “It makes data interpretation easy and my boss happy!”
  • “It lets my data talk, argue, fight and make up all in one place!”
  • “I love Quickbase because it makes my life easer!!”

To see the full list of Tweeted entries, simply search Twitter for #ILoveQuickBase.


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