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  • Why Quick Base App-building is Taking Off at Southwest Airlines

    Jana Baker is helping colleagues bring efficiency to new heights with no-code app building.

  • How to Create Multiple Child Records in QuickBase

    Have you ever needed to add multiple child records at once? Are these records recurring? Are they needed at irregular times? I show you how to create multiple child records in QuickBase with a click of a button.

  • Why Canadian Solar Chose Intuit QuickBase Over SharePoint for…

    Canadian Solar Solutions Inc. needed a system that would not only track all key project data, but also make that data available as necessary to others outside the company.

  • Bridging the Gaps Between Professional Services Automation (PSA)…

    How building a program management office (PMO) app on the Intuit QuickBase low-code platform quickly bridged the gap between PSA and accounting.

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  • From Fighting Fires to Delivering Awesome QuickBase Apps

    How Zadok Technologies improved the company’s operational efficiencies by building a project management app in QuickBase to better track time cards, assignments, and project status.

  • How Operation Fuel Keeps People Warm with Intuit QuickBase

    How Dovetail Associates, an Intuit QuickBase solutions partner, quadrupled the assistance Operations Fuel was able to provide people in need of heat.

  • Transferring Ownership of a Project Painlessly

    You have been working on the same project for months. It has been built from scratch into something

  • Introducing the New QuickBase User Interface!

    Over the past year we have been working hard to make QuickBase easier to use and more intuitive.

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  • Taking QuickBase With You – An interview with Isaac…

    Isaac Sacolick has been a long time customer of QuickBase, since 2003. In that time, he’s held various positions at different companies, even ran his own business for a short stint

  • Stiefel Laboratories Loves QuickBase For Its Flexibility

    A little while ago, two managers at Stiefel, a GSK Company were struggling with an SAP tool that required a ½ dozen people to manage and always took a few days to make the most minor changes. The company was losing time and money just trying to manage the solution – and important project deadlines were being missed