• March 2018 Release Notes

    Audit logs for all log-ins, new admin console, inactivity timeouts for active user sessions, real-time error checking for formulas, and more.

  • Euro Formatted Date Fields

    An Australian QuickBase customer asked today, “How can we change the 01-20-2010 (U.S. date format) to the Euro

  • Crossword Puzzles and Formula URLs

    One of our engineers does daily crossword puzzles. Many times when I pick up something from the printer

  • How to Add Time Zones to Your Sales and CRM Application

    Have you ever called a customer at 9:00 AM on the East coast only to find that your

  • EMPOWER2018 Call For Speakers CTA
  • Clickable Thumbnail Images in a Report

    Ever wanted to display a picture of your merchandise in a report for your clients? Or how about