• Business and IT Collaborate More Effectively with QuickBase

    ResCare adopted QuickBase in 2009, and since then has built and deployed hundreds of apps on the platform. A look at its rapid prototyping process to empower business and IT to deliver apps quickly.

  • Calculating Accumulated Sales with QuickBase

    Calculating accumulated sales with QuickBase, a video demonstration.

  • The “Legacy” of Legacy Applications and the Road Ahead

    Every organization has line of business applications that run the day-to-day operations that no one likes to use. But why can’t IT modernize those applications fast enough? What alternatives are out there?

  • Racing from Legacy to Digital

    Going digital can be transformative, but legacy systems are holding many organizations back. Learn how to break free.

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  • Managing Fast Growth in the Solar Industry

    Sullivan Solar Power uses Intuit QuickBase to manage rapid growth building a sales management app on QuickBase before expanding to other apps with Sympo’s help.

  • Switch from Microsoft Access Drives $120,000 in New Revenue

    Based in Valdosta, Georgia, Taylor Insurance Services (TIS) is a family-owned employee benefits and financial services firm with

  • How PTC Manages a Complex Partner Program with QuickBase

    You don’t grow into $1.3 billion software company with 27,000 customers without an extensive network of partners. For

  • Why Roof Diagnostics Chose Intuit QuickBase for Customer…

    Roof Diagnostics Solar (RDS) has grown from 25 employees to more than 400 since 2010, thanks to an

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  • New Customer Story: Earthbound Farm’s CRM

    Interested in learning how other companies have used QuickBase to make their important business processes more efficient? Thinking about

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    If you have ever want to use QuickBase to create email marketing campaigns and track their effectiveness through