Spreading Collaborative Business Applications: Beyond the Borders

On the Business Development team we actively help our customers grow QuickBase adoption throughout their enterprise.  We do this through lots of different methods including, helping our current champions spread the word, engaging with IT to solve specific application problems, introducing different solution providers or training partners, etc.  I’m planning on this being the first in a series of postings detailing how we help our customers grow, examples of what they’re doing to spread themselves, and hopefully some feedback from you all on idea’s we haven’t thought of yet.

To get started, let’s talk about success.  One of the measures of success for my team is something we call “enterprise penetration”.  This is a simple calculation of the number of QuickBase users divided by the potential users.  Since we believe that QuickBase can and should be used by essentially every computer using employee, this calculation should seem easy.  But it’s not!! – we’re finding that our customers are using QuickBase with so many external partners, vendors, contractors, customers, etc., that the enterprise penetration % is often greater that 100%.

This isn’t really surprising since many business workgroups include people external to the company…but it does bring up three interesting conversations for us:

1)      With IT, who want to make sure they have some visibility into access from external parties to QuickBase. Our new Enterprise Edition solves this issue with features like our access control and usage monitoring dashboard, IP filtering, LDAP integration, etc.

2)      With senior management, who want to have these externally visible applications appropriately branded.  Enterprise Edition gives them the flexibility to brand the app and the URL.

3)      With purchasing, who are completely confused as to why their business users are requesting  a PO for 118% of the total employees in the company.  These are my favorite conversations!


So now it’s your turn…Are you using QuickBase with external partners and customers?  How has QuickBase helped your team reach beyond the borders of your organization?

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