QuickBase is Moving to a New Home

QuickBase is moving this Saturday at 9:30am ET.

As you know, we’ve been planning and working for months to get QuickBase ready to move to Intuit’s newest data center. We’re ready to go. The move is scheduled to occur on Saturday, June 26, 2010 beginning at 9:30am ET.

We’re excited about the move to the new data center because it provides you with world-class infrastructure and it better prepares us to prevent outage events like our customers experienced last week.

In choosing the window for this transition we looked for a period when QuickBase usage is typically lowest in order to minimize customer disruption. We’ve started a conversation in the online community for those interested in timing or discussing the move. Additionally, updates during the transition window will be posted hourly on our service page.

As part of the transition our IP address will be changing. For more information on how this transition could impact your applications, please view this article.

If you need additional support preparing for the transition please start a support case so we can get the right resources to you.

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