QuickBase Is Looking for New Talent. Tell Us What Makes You Tick!

If you’re here, you probably know that QuickBase is the number one online database. What you might not know is that more than half of all Fortune 100 companies use QuickBase to manage critical business operations. Recently, we’ve seen significant growth in our business and to accommodate this, we are adding new positions across the board: Software Engineering, Operations, Product Management, Sales, Marketing and Customer Support. Check out the career opportunities on our website.

Let me take a moment to introduce myself.  I’m Doug Cohen, the Senior Recruiter responsible for helping the QuickBase team find the right talented folks to grow and deliver the great offering many of you have grown to love over the years.

Over my fifteen years as a tech industry recruiter in the greater Boston area, I’ve worked closely with many teams and candidates across a variety of businesses.  I’ve heard many a story about ineffective management, employees not motivated to come to work, and their fears about a company’s strategic direction.  Do you know this story? I think at one point or another we’ve all been there.  It’s not productive, it’s certainly not rewarding, and more importantly it’s simply not fun.

I’ve been working with the QuickBase team for the last few months and can already see why Intuit has been so successful and is continually rated one of the best places to work. It’s not just that we are encouraged to have work-life balance, nap rooms, and free snack food (although all of that is awesome); we have highly engaged employees who take great pride in what they do.

Do you love QuickBase?  Do you want to come to work every day and love the people, experiment with new and innovative ideas, and make a difference at a reputable company?   Drop me a line at 781-370-4486 or doug_cohen@intuit.com and tell me about your passions.

To find out more about Intuit Careers, visit www.intuitcareers.com

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  • Leslie_mason

    Great blog Doug!

  • Terri Testa

    I think intuit should only keep archives 5 years back, because it will save space to keep the archives upto date. The IRS only keeps up to 5 years back info, incase they have to audit a person, so we should do the same.

  • Guest

    This email address is invalid and Intuit says that there is no employee with this name.