QuickBase Admins: Empower Your Users to Build New Solutions

This one goes out to all of our Account Admins. QuickBase is designed to help you build solutions that match the needs of your organization and business proccesses. You’re already succeeding at that, but how many of the users in your account are empowered to do the same? As administrators of these solutions, you’re a critical part of the team and can be spread thin between managing users, building new solutions, and adding more complex functionality. When new needs arise in your user base, wouldn’t it be great to give your users the ability to create their own solutions? After all, there is no limit on the number of your users who can also be application managers or on the number of applications in your account. Check out this article on the ROI of ad hoc apps for some ideas that may help your team be more successful.

Among other new functionality, a feature in the January 23, 2011 QuickBase release, makes it easier for you to give users permissions to create applications within your account. You can now grant app creation rights to multiple users at once. Here’s how:

Account Administrators can go to Manage Billing Account > Users with Access to quickly and easily assign Create App permissions for many users at one time, as seen below.

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