Over 2,000 user seats in 13 different organizations and growing!

Bill Ives, contributor for FastFoward made reference to this stat in the second to last paragraph in a recent and very thorough blog he posted on the current state of QuickBase. Based on a conversation he had had with Bill Lucchini and Peter Fearey just the other day, Bill eloquently depicts the very essence of QuickBase. Emphasizing our long-standing status in the market as a reliable and proven application provider, while bringing to light how QuickBase is fitting in perfectly with the current Web 2.0 movement.

Now with the increasing acceptance of Web 2.0 – We are continuing to see tremendous momentum on all fronts with our prospects and existing customers – not only from the business perspective but with IT as well. Business users are finding more and more innovative ways to put QuickBase to use and IT is gladly welcoming the fact that their business users are more empowered to create their own solutions, while becoming far less dependent on IT for application changes.

Share your story with us. How did QuickBase come to be in your organization? Was it through your business group or IT? And what are some of the innovative ways you are putting QuickBase to use today?

Check out Bill’s blog here: http://www.fastforwardblog.com/2007/10/29/quickbase-enterprise-20-application-builder-for-business-users/#respond


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