One of my favorite things about QuickBase

OK, I admit it… I’m a techie and a [press] flack. I love following what reporters are following, understanding how they are thinking about products, the industry, etc. I don’t just do it for products where I have a vested interested to be clear; I’m fascinated with how others view our products/industry, specifically compared to how the industry sees itself.

Oh, yeah, I was talking about QuickBase right? QuickBase and customer use of QuickBase got some press mentions recently. This morning, CIO Magazine covered Isis Pharmaceuticals use of QuickBase in an article on end-user development: Making It On Their Own. In PC Magazine’s database round-up (not online yet, in the June 7th print edition), we won Editors’ Choice and the highest "score". Now, this on top of coverage over the last few weeks in Fortune (sign-in required), CRM Magazine, and CMO Magazine (sign-in required). How many products can run across that range of publications? After the critical components (the value QuickBase provides, the fact that customers constantly teach us more about how it can be used, and the awesome team behind the product), I love working with a product that provides a constant array of cool press opportunities… from Girl Scout cookie ordering and delivery to SOX compliance to employee recruiting. How cool is that?

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