Get the Job Done Anywhere with QuickBase Mobile

We’re excited to announce that, as part of Sunday’s release, we are introducing major improvements to the QuickBase mobile experience! This is a substantial addition to the view-only version we released back in January and includes that ability to add and edit records in your applications from your mobile device.

QuickBase mobile increases your team’s productivity by enabling users to access, update or create QuickBase data anytime, anywhere and from any device. The best thing is that you don’t need to do anything to mobile-enable your apps and there is nothing to install, it just works with your mobile browser!

One of our primary goals for QuickBase mobile was to provide a great mobile experience out-of-the-box, so that you can derive value instantly without having to make any changes to your applications. This month’s and January’s releases were focused on nailing the basics of the mobile experience such as easy navigation, key features, and logical information architecture. In the screenshot on the left you’ll see an example of how your My QuickBase page will appear on your device and on the right, you’ll see the screen for adding a new record.



We’ve also included integrations with your device’s native applications for a seamless experience. For example, when you tap a phone number in your QuickBase app, it will launch your native phone app to dial the number; or if you tap an email address it will launch a new email.

While you may not be able to use every QuickBase feature on any device with this release, we feel we’ve provided the optimal experience for each platform: deep functionality for when you’re at your desk; and key features for simple and fast data entry when you’re on the go. And of course, if you’d like to get your hands dirty while in the field, you can switch to full site mode on the mobile login screen or within your app.

We hope you are as excited as we are about the opportunities that QuickBase mobile brings to your company! You can check it out by visiting on your smartphone or tablet and signing in.

How do you think QuickBase mobile will increase the value of your QuickBase subscription? Please leave us a comment below!

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  • Sarah

    When will the updates actually be available in the MobileBase app? I don’t have any prompts to update the application and it still shows as data only.

    • Sarah — The mobile site updates automatically with the release. Do you see the icon with three lines on the upper left? Click that and it should take you to a screen with all your menu options, if you scroll down you’ll see an “Add New” list. Or you can edit directly on the Record screen. Does that help? If you still don’t see the “Add New” or “Edit” options, it could be that you don’t have permissions to Add or Edit records, which you need to take up with your application manager. 

      If you’re still having issues, I suggest submitting a support case. We haven’t heard of others encountering the same problem though. 


      • Sarah

        Sorry- I thought this was for the app called MobileBase. Didn’t realize it was just for the mobile site. Got it

  • Renate Granville

    Gee, guys. On Saturday, as always, I could access QB on my Blackberry, thru  AT&T.
    Since Sunday, I  can get to the sign-in page; enter userid and PW, and I am directed to and all I see is a blank screen.

    • Renate, 

      Hmm. That’s not a known issue. I think your best option is to submit a support case so the team can work with you one on one to figure out what’s going on. You can enter your case here:

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  • Amor1980

    Are there plans for a QuickBase app that will be able to access the mobile device’s functionality like GPS location, local file access for pictures etc., signature collections?

    • Robert_mcdonald

      Yes, that is definitely functionality that we will targeted for QuickBase mobile.  The good news is that with the release of iOS6 in the Fall, mobile safari will support the upload of pictures from your camera or Camera Roll.  With this news, all of the functionality you noted will be fully supported within an HTML5 web application on both the Android and iOS platforms.  Please note that uploads from the image library is already supported when running QuickBase mobile app on  Android. 

      • Mike Brady

        Any news on when we will see these features? Also wondering when we will be able to customize the mobile view. The fields that are chosen for the mobile dashboard are not the ones we want.

  • Jclark

    Any apps available for SMS text messaging?

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  • Saketh

    Do mobile quickbase has the capability to capture signatures done by hand?