Meet the Application Specialists

As the sales leader in the QuickBase organization I wanted to introduce you to a team of dedicated and passionate individuals which help people who have just started looking at QuickBase. Tim, Shawn, Kevin, Jim, Scott, Amy, Kirk, Dick and Brian work with prospects in companies from all industries and of all sizes every day so they get the most out of their QuickBase trial. 

A few of the team members are relatively new to QuickBase while others have been aboard for several years, and while the team has a very diverse background, they all share a passion for helping people and the QuickBase solution!

This dedicated team provides a very valuable service for the folks who are just getting started and may have a few questions about this powerful tool.  The team spends time with folks and really gets to understand what it is they are trying to solve, then helps them put the best “right for me” solution together. 

If you are in a trial of QuickBase and have questions, give your application specialist a call, this team is very eager to help you!

Happy Holidays!


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