Making Customizable SaaS Work for You – The Power of Together

I was listening to NPR in the car last week and one of the callers was detailing the power of grassroots political campaigns he’d worked on.  In making his point about empowering people to stand up and lead change in the campaign, he quoted the motto of a hardware store that he’d run across while traveling through Texas.  The slogan of the store was “Together we can Do It Yourself”.   I love it and I love it for QuickBase. 

No matter who you are or what problem you’re trying to solve, the power of QuickBase is that you are in control.  You get to solve your team’s needs with a right for me application and in a right for me manner.  Whether you want to pick up a hammer and roll up your sleeves or help draw up the plans and direct others, we have a path to success for you…You are not alone… We can do it Together!

If you’re thinking about adopting QuickBase or are already a current customer here are a few buckets of where you might fall and solutions we have for you:

1) Give me those tools and get out of my way!

QuickBase has all the power and flexibility to let you go nuts.  Check out our support resources and/or grab a copy of QuickBase the Missing Manual.  Once you learn QuickBase, and you can create strong business applications for team collaboration in minutes, you’ll be ruined for life (in a good way.)

2) Get me in the house and I’ll paint the rooms!

  If you’re the type of person who doesn’t have the time or interest to create an application – No Problem!  Pick from one of our Pre-built apps and customize the basics.  Create the reports that make sense to your group’s needs and the e-mail workflow to match your business process.  Don’t see an app that works for you or need help with the paint?  Contact one of our Application Specialists and let them get you started or point you in the right direction.

3) Here’s a picture of my dream house, can you help make it real?

  Our Business Consultants are experts in QuickBase and in solving business problems.  They’ve done it for many of our customers and they can do it for you.  If you have an idea for a solution that can help your business, get in touch with one of our consultants and let them get you started.  The best part is they can also help train you on your solution so you’ll be Doing It Yourself before you know it – Together of course!

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