Loving QuickBase Can Win You an iPad

This Valentine’s Day, help us make QuickBase feel extra special by sharing some PDA!

When you stop and think about it, QuickBase is a lot like a significant other. You interact regularly; you depend on it to remember important information; it helps you solve your problems; and it’s there for you wherever you go. What kind people would we be if we didn’t tell QuickBase how much we love it on Valentine’s Day?

Although shouting your love for QuickBase from the rooftops should be reward enough, we’ve worked a little something for you into the deal. When you tell us why you love QuickBase, you’re automatically in the running for a 32GB iPad!

Submitting is a piece of cake:

  • To be eligible, fill out this short form no later than midnight Sunday, 2.20.11
  • The winner will be selected by a random drawing
  • See contest rules below before submitting
  • Don’t forget to tweet why you love QuickBase!

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