Learn How to Connect SQL Server to QuickBase via ODBC

You can use ODBC (Open DataBase Connectivity) to connect your QuickBase applications to other databases thanks an ODBC Connector from Qunect.

If you have data in SQL Server, Access, Oracle, SAP or any ODBC compliant database including Access, Excel and Word you can connect to your data and work with it in QuickBase.

How? Join us on Wednesday March 24th at 2:00 PM Eastern for a demo and Q&A webinar with Claude von Roesgen. REGISTER!

Claude has created a number of stored procedures that do everything from archiving QuickBase application and attachment data to automating a two-way synchronization between QuickBase and SQL Server.

Claude von Roesgen is one of the original founders of QuickBase, the creator of many QuickBase wizards and principal of Qunect.

Image courtesy of Tim Morgan

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  • Difficult to decide whether one should have tokens or not. Some SDKs need to have tokens enabled. Some, like this app does not work if you have tokens enabled. Any ideas on how to decide which route to go, given a situation?

  • Get anonymous feedback on the meeting. Ask questions like “was this meeting helpful/necessary?” or “could we have achieved the outcomes in a better/different way?” Then read it and consider the suggestions.

  • Was this webinar recorded and available on the website for viewing?

  • @wwillits. You bet. Here's the link.

    You can also find it on the recorded webinars section of the website on March 11th. https://www.quickbase.com/webinars#recorded

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    Nice racket.