iPad Release – QuickBase is now compatible with the iPad

We’re pretty excited about the iPad here at QuickBase.  The interface is beautiful and graphics are gorgeous, not to mention the iPad is perfect for QuickBase.  Specifically we’ve been thinking about how tablets, not just the iPad, could change how people do their jobs, especially those working in the field.  We heard you ask about QuickBase on the iPad and we’re on it.  The combination of QuickBase and the iPad is really powerful, which is why, after we discovered that not all of the functionality of QuickBase was functioning, we released a patch.

The patch went out late last night—so for anyone who tried QuickBase on your iPad, try it again today!

As a Product Manager, I’m really curious—will you/your company get an iPad?  Do you already have one?  How do you think it will change your work?  Will you run QuickBase on it?  I’d love to collect some use cases to understand how important a platform it will be for us and our customers.  Please leave us a comment below or submit a feature request.

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  • Tom

    Our company is purchased one to test data entry in the field. We are waiting for the 3G release, so we have not received it yet.

  • mpearl65

    Cool, Tom. Keep us posted on how you like it after you start using it.

  • Prakash heda

    Seems name is not exactly quick book, AppStore search for quick book on iPad did not result anything

  • rickwhitley

    Awesome….you guys rock! Thank you so much, this will absolutely revolutionize our business.

    We have computer challenged construction site supervisor all over Canada without internet access. Once we make the hardware purchase for the 3G iPads we will now be able to get payroll and site reports into Quickbase directly from site.

    Bye Bye keypunching and data entry!

    I drove to Syracuse on launch day to get a WiFi iPad and my testing in the last few minutes is awesome, you did a great job on making Quickbase work with its browser

  • CCoates

    I would like to see a really well- functioning iphone app as well – SalesForce has one and WEbex has a beaut – but the Ipad debut will be another essential. congratulations

  • Wonderful. I would like to have some offline possibilities and it would make the platform of choice for salesforce

  • cshockey

    Thanks for the update, its working well for our apps and I really appreciate being able to administer our apps from the iPad.

    I agree with your post that this combination is an exciting one. I am hoping it will mean new functionality for our faculty in the classroom.

    Thanks again.

  • wwillits

    I absolutely agree. The iPad will be a great tool and something that many industries will ultimately take advantage of but the key to getting acceptance on the iPad is first getting the millions of users on the iPhone to use and get very comfortable with Quickbase (most of the iPad users are already iPhone users). The opportunity is great for QuickBase because if users can get access to date on a device that they have access to 8 to 10 hours a day, I am sure they will easily transition to other appliances like the iPad and other slate type computers. iPad is ultimately the display that most companies will use to take advantage of QuickBases capabilities, BUT it will not be with the person all the time; the iPhone will though.

    There is an app on the iPhone for QuickBase (PocketBase) but it has very limited capabilities and developed by a third party that does not have anything close to the the capabilities of Intuit's programmers. The iPhone app needs to offer an amazing user experience because it will be the only “face of QuickBase” for many users and needs to be recognized by Intuit as a conduit to access MILLIONS of users.

  • One key feature is the roles and permissions functionality QuickBase offers, allowing us to prevent certain users from accidently deleting or unintentionally altering content they should only really have access and visibility into.

  • QB-fan

    I'm having a problem with my Quickbase App on iPad. My app top menu seems to think that iPad browser window has unlimited width, and therefore fits the entire menu across the window. As a result the page is zoomed out to a level that the characters are so small that I'd have to zoom in by pinching the screen in order to read the characters. Is this an application-related problem? Do I have to ask the developer to fix this, or is it a setting that I could change? thanks for your help.

  • QB-fan,

    One of our support reps who is an avid Ipad user should be reaching out to you shortly to get some more detail and diagnose the issue. Thanks for bringing this to our attention.

  • Jason Carter

    It would be cool if you could add limited offline functionality for us that use the iPad on the plane. Maybe save a date-limited subset of the qb to an offline mode sqlite db.

  • Royce Patton

    I too am having the same issue. It would seem that the number of tables you have in an application is what causes the problem. When you have several tables, QuickBase tries to display as many of them as possible across the page in your browser window. However, this will cause your iPad to zoom way down in an attempt to display the entire page.

    It would be nice if you could tell QuickBase how many tables to display across the page in your application so that you could limit them for use with the iPad.

  • Diegom

    Quickbase no longer compatible?

    Since 4.2 release QB is not longer compatible with “Look up Fields”

    Here’s what is happening.

    User Selects a from a “Look up” field.

    User Selects a record and hits OK.

    Within a decisecond of field population Safari force closes.

    I tried contacting Support but despite the blog entry they tell me they don’t officially support issues and problems with the iPad yet they pushed out a compatibility patch in April?

    • Michele_pearl

      I am checking into this and will update as I learn more.

  • Garry Skaggs

    I use QB and the Ipad. I would love to be able to do my invoicing in the field. I use LogMeIn and log into my QB at the office now. It’s way to slow though.

    • Garry — Thanks for your comment! Someone from our Support team can help you determine if this is possible or not. Open a case here: http://bit.ly/dA1oNJ

      Sorry I can’t get this answered for you right away.

  • NancyNN

    Has anyone been able to complete records on an iPad with the use of a stylus? Further, does Quickbase offer the option for a “write in” field? If so, please instruct.

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  • Sbelcourt

    Is there a way you can set your ipad app for Quickbase to open in Full Site screen versus the mobile screen everytime you open your app?

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