Intuit Co-Founder Scott Cook Talks with Robert Scoble About Entrepreneurship and the Internet

Technology blogger Robert Scoble recently sat down with Scott Cook to pick his brain on entrepreneurship in the age of the Internet and how Intuit fosters an entrepreneurial spirit within the organization.

Here is one of Scott’s most interesting comments:

“This is one of the great things about entrepreneurship: you can’t predict it. The most game changing inventions are typically the ones you can’t predict. There was a Wall Street Journal article in 1998 that asked a group of distinguished experts to predict what technology would be like in ten years. Then The Journal went back in 2008 and looked at those predictions. The ones that were mere extrapolations like the improved power of the PC – the amount of ram, and hard drive space – the experts nailed those. But the experts missed the biggest change to hit technology which has been the explosion of user contribution. No single expert got this and yet it’s the biggest thing. Every interesting web business is rooted around user contribution.”

Let us know what you thought was most interesting about this interview!

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  • Thanks Alex – Nice job by Robert and it is always great to listen to Scott’s wisdom. As an entrepreneur that participated in Intuit’s Entrepreneur Day in 2009 and will soon have an online solution on Intuit’s Workplace App Center through Windows Azure, I have seen first hand how Intuit fosters entrepreneurship. They make it very easy to focus on solving business problems and addressing customer needs – which in our case is to make it easy to do inventory right.

  • Thank you for your comment! And congratulations in advance for the launch of your solution!

    We love to hear stories about people with great ideas who got a lot out of the program. Entrepreneur Day is also a rewarding experience for our leaders that get to interact with entrepreneurs like yourself.

    Best of luck and keep us posted!