Introducing 13 New Sales, CRM, Support and IT Templates!

We just came out with tons of new templates for customers and trialers to use and explore! With templates users can instantly create an application and begin using it, or customize to their heart’s desire. My role at QuickBase is to help people learn how to build their dream apps and I often advise folks to start with one of our templates and customize it to meet their exact needs. Whether you’re looking for a simple solution or a sophisticated one, a template can provide you with a solid base.

In these videos I walk you through each of the new templates so you can get a sense for how they work. Our entire library of templates can be found by signing-in, navigating to your MyQuickBase page, and clicking on the green “Create an Application” button. Then choose a template from the categories on the left. If you don’t see the “Create an Application” button, then you do not have app creation rights. Have no fear! All you need to do is contact your account administrator to request permissions. Here are directions to help your account administrator grant you creation permissions.

Without further ado, here are the new templates by category. They’re listed in order of appearance in the videos below with the video tracking number so you can jump to the template you’re interested in.

Sales and CRM Templates

1. Sales and Project Lifecycle Portal (0:56) – Many people use QuickBase for sales management and project management, but until now we’ve never offered a template that combines the two. Many of our customers find this useful because after sales leads convert, they may need to kick off a project with that customer and its super convenient to do so without leaving their QuickBase Sales CRM app!

2. Order Management Portal (4:55) – Similar to Sales and Project Lifecycle Portal, this app combines two commonly-used types of QuickBase apps. Order information and management features are combined with a CRM system, to give users a holistic view of a customer account and their sales activities.

3. Simple Contact Manager (9:12) – We offer some highly sophisticated CRM templates, such as Sales Management Portal (which can be found under the Sales template category) but we wanted to also provide you with a dead-simple contact manager. And of course, as with any QuickBase application, you can customize to your heart’s desire.



Customer Service Templates

1. Customer Service Portal (0:38) – This is the flagship of our customer service templates. This gives your customer service team full management and creation of customer support cases and could easily be customized to enable your customers to enter and track their own support cases as well. It also includes a customer survey so your support staff can continuously improve their process.

2. Customer Satisfaction Survey (4:57) – This template can be used to administer customer or employee surveys for any transactional process on which you’d like feedback, such as customer support or sales.

3. Customer Service Help Desk (6:30) – This template is focused on ticket tracking and can be customized for many processes including customer support, telesales or your IT help desk.

4. Client Services Call Log (9:10) – A simple app for tracking customer calls.

5. Simple Customer Service Tracker (9:42) – A simplified version of the Customer Service Portal.



IT Management Templates

1. IT Asset Management (0:30)IT management software template made for tracking and managing all the IT assets at your organization such as including a feature for tracking the depreciating value of your assets.

2. IT Bug Tracker (2.00) – This template includes several dashboard reports that give users a high-level view of current bugs as well as features to delegate bugs to the folks who can work on fixing them.

3. IT Project and Release Management (2:50) – View IT project status at a high-level in the project portfolio dashboard, then drill down to get to the nitty-gritty details. This app borrows many of the best customizations from our other project management templates including features for data collaboration, delegating tasks, and budgeting, while providing its own unique example of how project management could be tracked in QuickBase.

4. IT Ticket Help Desk (4:05) – Customers or employees can enter tickets for your IT help desk. Users manage tickets via two comprehensive dashboards.

5. IT Total Management Portal (4:50) – This template brings together all of the above IT management templates. It’s a one-stop-shop for your IT department.



Hopefully there’s something here that you find useful! If not, check out the rest of our templates by signing-in, navigating to your MyQuickBase page, and clicking on the green “Create an Application” button. If you don’t have a QuickBase account, you can sign up for a free 30-day trial here.

Have questions on the templates? Feel free to ask in the comments below!

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