Inquiring Minds Want To Know…

You’ve already been introduced to some of my colleagues. I’m Robert, the new kid on the block who was recently hired as the Product Manager for QuickBase. The first 30 days have flown by, and I am so excited to post my first Blog entry.

Last week the sun finally came out in Boston! To celebrate, my good friend hosted a BBQ party on Sunday. Lots of of people came, including some of his neighbors that I didn’t know. As these things go, it wasn’t long until one of them came up and asked the inevitable question …

“So Robert, what do you do for work?”

In my excitement, I began to tell him about QuickBase. Literally, 15 minutes later, my wife came up to me and signaled that we had to go, yet I was only 10% of the way through telling him about QuickBase and how many amazing solutions our customers have created. This got me thinking…How do you summarize a product as unique as QuickBase in a couple of sentences or less?

And so this Blog entry was born, because I would love to hear from you….How do you describe QuickBase to your colleagues, friends and family? Looking forward to your insights.

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