Filling Out Surveys Pays Off! Survey Feedback Incorporated Into Upcoming Release

A little while ago, I asked some of you (our customers) to fill out a product feature survey. The goals of the survey were to assess your interest in adding collaboration features to QuickBase vs. other features and to also understand key aspects of how your teams use QuickBase. About 250 of you responded to the survey (thank you!) and gave us some very interesting insight into your priorities as QuickBase users and team members. I thought I’d share a few of the highlights and let you know how we’re using your feedback to make QuickBase better.

Instead of calling for additional collaboration tools you were clearly interested in improvements to the core areas of Forms and Reports. Specifically, “Use conditional criteria to build reports (OR queries, dynamic/column based criteria)” was the clearest winner with 43% of you rating it as the most desirable new reporting capability. Well, I have good news…we’re delivering some improvements in this area starting with our upcoming release on Sunday, December 19th (stay tuned for a blog post in addition to the release notes linked above). How’s that for service!

One big surprise for me in the survey results was the level of interest in saving documents directly to QuickBase from Microsoft Office. To better understand your interest in integration with Office productivity tools such as Excel, Word, and email, I’m following up with a short survey you can participate in right now.  Afterwards, I’ll post a highlight of the results of that one here, too.

Thanks to all who take the time to fill out our surveys.  I know you’re all very busy, but we look closely at the results and as you can see, your responses make a big impact in what we deliver!

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  • Cathy Hicks

    i wanted to fill out the survey re my 2 hour Quick Books Pro Plus 2014 set up with Ajay in New Delhi India but none of the links were working on the email from Intuit. My account # is 7600654493 and the service request is 223452943621, Ajay was extremely helpful and professional and got my 2012 QB transferred to my new 2014 successfully. His English is superb and he is very gracious. the greatest difficulty of the entire 2 hours was the very poor phone connections and the background voices from your other employees at the call center.

    • Thank you for the feedback Cathy! Will route to the QuickBooks support team.