Mobile QuickBase Dev Challenge + $5K Prize!

Intuit has kicked off a mobile dev challenge with QuickBase and the winner is eligible to walk away with $5,000 in prize money! The contest will be held on the Intuit Collaboratory, a collaboration platform that utilizes QuickBase to crowdsource new ideas and solutions for technical challenges posed by Intuit. This challenge is open from July 5, 2011 to August 15, 2011 at 5pm PST. Here are the details:

The Challenge: Convert the photo of a paper form into a QuickBase application with a mobile device.

Getting data from a paper form into an electronic format has so many benefits, yet can be fraught with issues. We’d like to simplify this process by allowing business users to take a photo of a standard form (examples here) with typed or even handwritten content using their iPhone, Android or iPad, and turn that into an electronic form in QuickBase. The form, including labels, must be converted to digital form with a high degree of accuracy and transferred to QuickBase to create the appropriate form fields.

In order to be considered for this challenge you will need to provide a link to a working prototype that demonstrates the following use case:

1. A business user has a standard paper form that needs to be parsed and translated into an electronic form that can be manipulated.

2. The user takes a photo of the form using their iPhone/iPad or Android.

3. The solution converts the form data from written to electronic form.

4. The solution transfers the data to QuickBase and creates a new record.

5. The user must be able to review and edit the content for accuracy before submitting to QuickBase.

6. A bonus piece of functionality would be to populate the appropriate fields with data that was typed or hand-written into the fields.

7. Code must be re-usable and Intuit should be able to easily integrate it into QuickBase.

If you are interested in this challenge, check it out by going to the challenge submission page where you will get more information: technical requirements, eligibility requirements, challenge rules, pilot agreement (if we choose you) and more.

We look forward to your submission and good luck!

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