Do you blog, IM, wiki or what?

QuickBase is looking for customers interested in talking to us about their social computing habits at work and how these activities do or don’t relate to the data you track in QuickBase.  If you’re up for a 30-minute chat, please sign up here.  We’ll randomly select a sample of folks to schedule calls with next week.

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  • Keith Jusas is founder of Juiced Technologies a Certified QuickBase Solution Provider that provides integration and development services as well as technology tools for QuickBase.

  • Exact Forms Plus! and the Scheduler were developed by Juiced Technologies to create feature rich enhancements to QuickBase’s Exact Forms and calendar components. Exact Forms Plus! enables you to generate MS Word and/or PDF documents in QuickBase and Scheduler provides multiple daily/weekly/monthly calendar views along with drag and drop calendar editing.