Cross-Team Collaboration at QuickBase Inspires New Timezone Settings

I am a member of the Support Team here at QuickBase. If you’ve had issues and called up Support, it’s likely I’ve been on the other end of the phone. I wanted to share a quick story about how a feature in the Ursa release came about. It illustrates how our teams take feedback from the front lines and work together to implement it into the product. For the Support Team, this is particularly rewarding because we get to tell customers directly that we’ve heard them and made changes.

Every week, the Support Team has a meeting with our Product Managers (PMs), during which the PMs show us features and bugs that the engineering teams are working on for upcoming releases. It’s also a forum for Support to share our point of view about aspects that could be tweaked or added to development based on your feedback.

It was during one of these meetings that the Support Team suggested application managers be able to control time zones from the application level not just at the account level.  The PMs had just informed us that they were working on a way for app admins to set fiscal years and we thought that being able to set the time zone  for each app would be equally as valuable.

For years, admins were only able to set one time zone across an entire account. This meant that large companies using QuickBase with teams across the country or the world had to operate all of their applications on HQ time. This was even a problem in our own company, Intuit. Since Intuit headquarters are in Mountain View, all our applications had to operate off of California time. This is true for many of the large organizations that use QuickBase and because of this, the support team was receiving an increasing number of requests from these customers to be able to set time zones at the app level.

When we suggested it, the PM team thought that it was synergistic with a feature being developed for setting fiscal years and that it could be added to the next release. Sure enough, a few hours later it was added to a sprint (scrum speak) and it was included in the most recent release, on Sunday, December 19. As you can see below, there is now an option to set your own timezone under Date/Time Options:

If your organization is local, the time zone feature may not seem like a huge change, but for those of us with bi-costal and global teams, its solving a major pain point. And I’m particularly proud of it because it shows our teamwork and dedication to make this product great for our customers.  We do listen to the feedback, big and small, and the entire team has a desire to make this the best tool for our users.

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  • Mgerrity

    great stuff. Just changed my application to PST

  • Surya Avantsa

    Is it just me or is it true that Quickbase engineering team is more focussed towards enhancements that need Project Management application needs?

    All enhancements that I have seen in the last few months are more geared to help project managers better tweak project management applications.

    Quickbase is such a great tool, that it is increasingly being used to develop several other types of custom applications, nothing related to Project Management. There are several enhancements (at least that I know of and have suggested in the past) that would help take Quickbase to the next level outside of PM applications.

    Please consider being ready for the real world applications, not just Project Management related tools.