Use Cases

Explore customer use cases in the Quick Base Corporate Blog and find out how business professionals are finding better ways to work by enhancing, integrating, and automating work processes with powerful business applications they can create themselves.

  • How Quick Base Is Helping Our Construction Company Grow Stronger…

    Here’s how Boyett Construction became one of San Francisco Bay area’s largest specialty subcontractors.

  • Why I Became an Advocate for Quick Base: Interview with Jennifer…

    Here’s how Jennifer Griffith is driving real-time insights that are enriching student engagement and providing a well-rounded curriculum at Texas A&M.

  • How Quick Base Builders are Promoting Operational Excellence at…

    To make a massive impact, it takes the right people and the right tools.

  • Why Quick Base App-building is Taking Off at Southwest Airlines

    Jana Baker is helping colleagues bring efficiency to new heights with no-code app building.

  • How Kelly Hayes Started a Quick Base Revolution at CCI Systems

    Want to know what it’s like to be one of our Quick Base builders? We’ve got the inside story!

  • Profile of a Citizen Developer: John Leuver of Southwest Airlines

    How a Southwest Airlines summer intern’s QuickBase application went from “neat thing to do” to approved company-wide standard and opportunity to build a new labor forecast app.

  • How One Citizen Developer is Helping Tourists Find Their Way…

    How QuickBase governs several key processes, from sales to production, enabling Skyviews to communicate with its advertisers to deliver maps on time and without mistakes.

  • Managing Imports from China from Quote to Delivery with QuickBase

    RedBoard selected QuickBase for building a complete system that would automate and centralize quote and order management between U.S. staff and offshore manufacturers.

  • Bridging the Gaps Between Professional Services Automation (PSA)…

    How building a program management office (PMO) app on the Intuit QuickBase low-code platform quickly bridged the gap between PSA and accounting.

  • EMPOWER 2015 – Accenture uses QuickBase to Support Delivery…

    Hear about two QuickBase apps Accenture developed to support its Delivery Scheduling and Business Interlock services to clients and Best Practices for an Efficient App Rollout.