A Letter to Our Customers from Brad Smith

To our customers,

I deeply apologize for the pain we have caused those of you affected by this week’s outage. We hold ourselves to the highest standards in dependability and customer service, and over the past two days, we have failed to live up to those expectations.

My leaders and I have spoken to a number of you and there is simply no excuse for having such a negative impact on you.

It is our priority to work with those of you who are affected and, where we can, make things right. We have all-hands on deck to help you resolve the issues caused by this outage.

I want to share with you what we know at this time about what happened. The disruption occurred during a routine maintenance procedure.  An accidental but severe power failure during that procedure affected our primary and backup systems, taking a number of Intuit’s websites and services offline.

We worked to restore our sites and services as quickly as possible while bringing services back in the safest, most reliable way. We understand your frustration and are sorry it took so long. We understand the important role our services play in your business and life. And we take that responsibility very seriously.

I also want to share that we have no evidence of a security breach or attack on our servers. And at this time, we do not believe there was any damage or loss to customer data.

At this stage, we have teams monitoring the performance of applications and further investigating the cause of the problem so that we can learn from this outage and prevent it from happening again.

I want to thank you for your business and your patience. We will work our hardest to earn back your trust.

Thank you,


President & CEO

Intuit, Inc.

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  • Yo

    This completely disrupted our customer service operations.

  • Bruce

    Brad… I appreciate your message, but I honestly think you owe us more of an explanation. As a CIO, I know that a power outage by itself could in no way cause the severe outage that occurred in the last few days — unless all of your servers (production and backup) were on one circuit in one data center. This is not only a very poor architecture for a major SaaS system, but a complete departure from what Intuit has told us: our applications were on a world class data system which was adequately backed up, mirrored, etc. Please be honest with us about what really happened and, most of all, how you are going to guarantee that it doesn't happen again. As I said in response to earlier posts, trust is Intuit's greatest asset and you must now win it back by being honest and forthright.

  • Just a question

    Why are primary and backup systems in the same location?

  • Rob

    I've been a customer for about 4 years with two companies. Nothing of this magnitude has ever happend before. Service levels have been excellent over that period of time.

    Having said that, I think it would give a lot of us comfort moving forward if we had a more detailed technical explaination.

  • Denise

    We have been a customer for over five years. This outage caused irreparable damage to our business and many hours of admin time trying to piece everything together so we could continue working. After 24 hours of no service, we sent emails and NEVER received a personal response.

  • Charles

    Hummm. Not a very good explanation. And the scary picture of Brad Smith doesn't make me feel any better.

  • nlee

    BP is fullfilling claims of lost wages and revenues for their mess. What about you, Intuit?

  • Allan

    The apology is welcome (if overdue) but this goes nowhere near far enough – you really must know by now what went wrong, so it's appalling that you aren't sharing this with people whose businesses depend on you so that we can decide whether to stay with you or find alternatives for our business. And if you don't yet know what went wrong, that raises still more serious questions. Structurally, it seems extraordinary that the same issue affected both the primary and backup systems – surely they should be entirely independent precisely to prevent this kind of issue. And Intuit's communications through this process have fallen way short of the mark – this latest letter full of apology but containing very little of substance.

  • Steve Leeke

    You should be fired for cause that it happened at all and doubly so for such a patronizing and inept message to customers.

  • Rharsha


    I recommend you install a UPS system. This is a power back-up system so if power goes out this will take over should not affect your system. This will allow you to run 24/7 and no worries about power outages.

    Thx, Rick

  • Bfancher

    And exactly why was a power outage handled so secretively that you could not share that information with your huge client base? To me the greater tragedy here is not the outage itself but the terrible and cavalier manner in which you handled communications. You literally left us all in the dark. We HAVE power outages and server disruptions ourselves. It is not like we would not have understood what you were faced with. Shame on you for such a poor job of managing customer relationships.

  • Aris

    Brad, we completely understand how things can go wrong. However, we expect a lot more from a company like Intuit. This problem had seriously backlogged our production and with an explanation like the one that was given to us, we do not feel reassured that this will not happen again. I would have liked to see Intuit extend some sort of compensation to all the clients that were affected and most importantly an HONEST and DETAILED explanation of what heppened.
    We pay good money for this service and we expect Intuit to back it at 100%.

  • Richard

    There is no doubt that compensation is deserved for this magnitude of an outage. It's only right!

  • Carl

    Unacceptable explanation!!! Tell us the unvarnished truth.

  • Klaus

    We are completely supportive and in agreement with most of the comments to this letter from Brad Smith. As a long-time IT professional, I am far from impressed with the lack of redundancy in Intuit's SaaS infrastructure. I am even less impressed with the lack of communication and personal response from Intuit during this significant service interuption. We were impacted in all areas of our business where we are relying on QuickBase's support of key business processes. A service interuption of 24 hours is completely unacceptable and we are very concerned about Intuit's ability to support our business going forward – in particular because of the poor way this crisis was handled. How will Intuit ensure its customers that they will improve their communication and that we are not going to experience these sort of problems in the future?

  • Not Amused

    Magic shows are supposed to be entertaining. Unfortunately, this tissue of smoke and mirrors isn't even faintly amusing.

  • Bdyck

    I agree with the comments before me. We use this service and it is critical to our operations. We trust that the system is well looked after, but truly in today’s world, to be out do to power is not expectable. We may need to find a better service that does not stop our company from serving customers

  • MrZ

    Thank you for the message. However, that does not make up for the loss of business and the revenue issues occurred that day. I'm not recommending quick base anymore, as I don't feel like relationship is of any importance…. 🙁

  • Sczerpak

    I have been a long time customer, and this was our first major outage. I think we weathered it quite well. I think Intiut has many lessons to learn from this outage. Business continuity should now be major priority for both vender and customer alike.

    Look forward to hearing more on this topic from Intuit.



  • Danny

    Our company has been a Quickbase customer for over 8 years. Last year I recommended a Quickbase solution to a company consisting of 7 facilities located throughout the U.S. as a means of working together logistically under one application. On Wednesday, the volume of phone calls and emails I received was enough to call it a day. How am I supposed to go back and use this as an explanation to restore confidence?

  • Larry Lozuk

    A long time ago we built truly redundant, fault-tolerant systems by spending huge sums of money and developing clever solutions. Now, in the age of cloud computing, even small businesses can do the same for far less money, with off-the-shelf software, and with multiple systems set up in geographically diverse data centers. I would expect a company like Intuit to have the same type of fault-tolerance for a SAAS offering as popular as Quickbase. Hopefully this episode will convince you to do that.

  • Edgardo F Herrera

    Thanks for that attempt to an apology.

    It sounds like a severe power failure took down both your primary power source and your backup power supplies (I must presume there are power backups installed). Consequently, the TOTAL power failure took down your data backup systems, and also your MAIN production servers. All this tells me you have both your main servers and backup servers in the same facility, on asingle power source, and there are no load balancing, or disaster recovery sites. You have all your eggs in the same basket. This is sad.

    Please say it ain't so.

  • Cw

    Our company was not able to work for a whole day and we also outsource services which left our employees oversees dead in the water. We have had many power outages and we were never down for over 1 day. I believe this is a lame excuse and much more happened. Intuit is embarassed to tell us that they do not have any disaster recovery plan.

  • guest

    I've been looking through quickbase.com and it looks like all references to redundant power supplies have been scrubbed. Can anybody point to anything that still(?) says that they use redundant power supplies?

  • Michele_Pearl

    This is Michele Pearl, Group Product Manager of QuickBase. I absolutely, completely understand your frustration. Apologies are one thing; an explanation is another. I know that you expect a more detailed explanation and we are working on getting that for you today. If you'd like us to contact you directly, please email: feedback@quickbase.com. We're reaching out to each and every respondent as quickly as we can.

  • David Deyhle

    My concern about your letter is you do not indicate what steps are being taken to prevent a future repeat of this event.

  • Rebecca

    I have been using Quickbase for over 3 years and this is the first time anything like this has happened. I think that is a pretty good track record. I work for a global company (based in Switz) and as such, our servers go down once or twice a year and its just one of those things. We hate it, we try to prevent it for the future, but we move on, we are business professionals and realize that in this age of reliance on computers, we put ourselves in this predicament. It will and can happen to anyone.

  • Sandy

    Even personal computers at home have power backups(someone mentioned UPS). Are the primary and backup servers really on the same location? If so, what's the point? Or did something else happen, that you are not sharing with us? I agree with everyone who's commented, the explanation provided is not only redundant, but also highly unsatisfactory.

  • PLR

    Is there a way I can back up my Quickbase applications myself? Probably just by generating reports, right?

  • Thomas

    Hi Brad,

    It's just not a good week for CEOs, is it?

    This apology seems wholly canned, insincere and, frankly, insulting.

    Though I feel this is an exercise in futility, please address the following:

    1) To fix a problem one must know what caused it in the first place. That Inutit reps were claiming that the cause of the outage was being determined while service was in the process of being restored is a fabrication. Your people on the ground knew what the cause was but failed (or were prevented) to be honest with your customers. Prove me wrong.

    2) Why was a “routine maintenance procedure” being performed during business hours? In this day and age, 7:00 pm Pacific is certainly still business hours. Why was this “routine maintenance procedure” not performed late at night or on a weekend? This, too, smells to me of fabrication.

    3) Why are your primary and backup systems in the same location? If not at the same location, why are they close enough to each other to be affected by the same power outage? Oh right, the power outage happened during a “routine maintenance procedure”. That was being performed, presumably, on both your primary and backup systems. At the same time. Either this is another lie, or there are some serious deficiencies with your IT shop's policies and procedures.

    I've never recommended Quickbase and will continue not to. This outage and they way it is being handled only further my case that we should move all of our Quickbase applications in house where they can be maintained and developed for less cost and with greater flexibility; where releases are actual functional releases and not a prettier UI or 2500 icons.

    To be quite honest, I feel that we, your customers, will receive only spin as an answer instead of honesty.

    Only brave companies will openly say “We screwed up”. And you know what? They always come out stronger with better customer loyalty from doing so.

  • Tguempel

    We use QuNect (http://www.qunect.com/) to download our data to SQL Server nightly. You would not have the data realtime or the application, but you would at least be able to see a majority of your data.

  • Ken

    Brad, I think you need to pick your poison. Either you've been misleading us all these years (world class data system, adequate backups, mirrors, etc.) or you're lying to us now about the power outage.

    So it has either been fraudulent advertising or this is a coverup. Maybe a disgruntled software engineer?

  • Dave Joiner

    When I adopted Quickbase about a year ago, one of the things I investigated was the redundant processing capability. I was told that Quickbase had its primary processing facility AND two redundant processing facilities in two separate physical locations — a total of three physical locations. I was either told bald-faced lies, or somebody at Intuit doesn't know how to flip the switch to go to the redundant processing location. I'd like to know which is the case. If there are ANY redundant processing sites, why weren't they brought on-line immediately? When I converted to Quickbase I evaluated but rejected another vendor because they did not have redundant processing facilities in separate physical locations and their 10-K disclosed that their processing facilities are located on top of a fault in California that is subject to earthquakes, and the 10-K disclosed this as being a significant risk factor for business interruption. I AM NOT SURE I DID ANY BETTER WITH QUICKBASE. BOTTOM LINE — WHY WEREN'T REDUNDANT PROCESSING FACILITIES IMMEDIATELY ACTIVATED, IF THERE EVEN ARE ANY?

    Dave Joiner

  • Dan G.

    Echoing other comments, this SlideShare presentation [http://www.slideshare.net/intuitquickbase/how-quickbase-works-behind-the-scenes-jim-1] (a Behind the Scenes with the QuickBase Platform Architect) talks about redundant machines, real time replication to disaster recovery site, multiple power sources, multiple Internet connections, active-active replication, reliable/resilient architecture, extensive monitoring infrastructure and a world-class ops team.

    Brad, do you understand why your explanation rings hollow? We're big boys and girls, please tell us the truth.

  • Chris Lineberger

    I'm sorry but some of the comments being posted here completely unfair. Stop acting like a bunch of stampeding followers and please stop the opportunistic chastising of a quality CEO that is making a candid statement and sincere apology. That's the best that you can do in the form of words. The rest will be dictated by the actions and preventative measures that follow. Is this how you would want to be treated when you work hard to provide near perfect performance and on rare occasion fall short? This situation was a big deal and scary for those of us that were unable to access our data but I believe the updates and communication provided by our representative and the comments posted to the service page were helpful, sympathetic and clearly illustrated the urgency in resolving the issue as quickly and efficiently as possible. I would like to particularly compliment our rep for her candid and professional handling of our concerns. Intuit Quickbase is a “best in class” organization, been extremely efficient and reliable for many years. While severe, this has been an isolated incident and shit does happen. And when it does it's the reaction and effort that follows that dictates the quality of an organization. I personally really appreciate the level of professionalism in the overall handling of this situation. Have been and will continue to be a loyal customer.

  • Edward

    This apology is so full of fail.

  • Gee

    This whole situation has been a bit disheartening. I have been a QB customer for several years. I am now working towards getting a new group of users familiar with a new way of doing business – and have hailed the reliability, convenience, and the solid platform.

    When it was first reported that the systems were down – I was in disbelief, then disgust when I had NO SUBSTANTIVE UPDATES of the cause and resolution eta.

    It was embarrassing for me – to say the least. My credibility was shot – because I needed to sell my group on using the system. I surely hope that more will be done to compensate the affected users.


  • Banderson

    Having lost all power (from multiple sources), phones, dedicated network lines and even cell phone communication to our primary facility two years ago, I would like to compliment Intuit for their handling of the status updates and communication over this outage. Everyone here was impressed. It takes time to evaluate a move to a redundant facility while you determine what the outage time might be. There isn't ever a magic switch. If you posted comments here and have not experienced disaster recovery first hand, take this as a lesson. You need backup and contingency plans too in the event a primary supplier is affected.

  • Chuankai

    The product is still not fully functional: I cannot promote a user as a manager even if the current manager is on deny list.

  • Dan

    I think a minimum of service credit would help. I have 94 employees who lost a lot of money and time and angry customers I'm still trying to fix our relationships with. I love quickbase but this was very hard on our business.

  • dgloo

    Wow. Next Tuesday, I am scheduled to make a presentation to my colleagues. Before seeing this blog post—and the comments posted by others–my recommendation was going to be for us to transition our home-grown database to the QuickBase platform. I'm really having second thoughts now.

  • Dave

    Hmmm … shades of an ad supported service. However, our billing plan doesn't reflect this feeling!

  • Sean

    Apologies are worthless when you are charging people money for what you fail to deliver. GIVE BACK PRORATED DOLLARS!

  • @Denise, We are really sorry for the inconvenience and our lack of response. Please feel free to contact us directly at 1-781-370-4414.

  • We are reaching out directly to impacted customers. Please feel free to contact us directly at 781.370.4414.

  • @Allan, Ginny Lee our CIO provided some more commentary on the outage via our blog http://bit.ly/cR7zPc. We are also available to answer your questions directly. Please call us at 781-370-4414.

  • @Bfancher Thanks for the feedback regarding our communication during the outage. Our customer relationships and your trust is first priority. Feel free to reach out to us directly if you have further questions 781.370.4414.

  • @Aris Compensation can take several forms. Again, the best path for us to understand how you were impacted is to talk to us. Please call 781.370.4414 so we can get the ball rolling with you.

  • Allan

    You'll have seen the almost universal agreement that the CIO's letter provides little, if anything, more of substance. And why are you telling all of us to call you? Surely you should be calling your customers? I emailed you during the outage and have STILL not received any reply to my email.

  • Allan

    I assume you're not proposing to have individual compensation discussions with every one of your clients or you'll never get through them all – so what are your proposals for compensation? I'd hope that you have had time to work through this by now. Once we know that, then maybe we can start to move forward – and, assuming your initial offer is sensible, that should leave you with a much smaller number of exceptional cases where clients were severely affected and which you can address on a case by case basis.

  • Allan

    Please just give us some decent information so we don't all have to waste our time (and yours) asking the same questions individually.

  • @Richard – We are offering our customer base compensation. The best path for us to understand how you were impacted is to talk to us. Please call 781.370.4414 so we can discuss your particular situation.

  • @Bdyck, Ginny Lee our CIO provided some more commentary on the outage via our blog http://bit.ly/cR7zPc. We are also available to answer your questions directly. Please call us at 781-370-4414.

  • @MrZ – We are trying to reach out all of our customers and we certainly value your relationship with QuickBase. We would love to learn how to rebuild your trust. Please call us at 781-370-4414.

  • @Sczerpak – Thanks Steve. Business continuity is a major thread that we are hearing. Kim should be reaching out to you shortly.

  • @Danny. First of all, thanks for recommending QuickBase and second, thanks for being a customer for so long. We understand that this has put you in a terrible position and we would love to help rebuild your confidence. Please give us a call at your convenience 781-370-4414.

  • @Larry – For your security and that of all our customers, we don’t publish details about our backup and disaster recovery plans. That said we’d be happy to discuss what we have in place to protect your business. We’ve spoken with dozens of customers over the past several days. Please feel free to call us at 781-370-4414.

  • @CW – For your security and that of all our customers, we don’t publish details about our backup and disaster recovery plans. That said we’d be happy to discuss what we have in place to protect your business. We’ve spoken with dozens of customers over the past several days. Please feel free to call us at 781-370-4414.

  • @David We are performing root cause analysis as we speak. When more information becomes available our customers will be the first to know how we plan to prevent a future repeat.

  • @PLR There are also several of our partners that offer back up solutions. You can find them at the link below.https://www.quickbase.com/partners/featured-extensions

  • @Ken No disgruntled SE's. For your security and that of all our customers, we don’t publish details about our backup and disaster recovery plans. That said we’d be happy to discuss what we have in place to protect your business. We’ve spoken with dozens of customers over the past several days. Please feel free to call us at 781-370-4414.

  • @Thomas. We are working on a root cause analysis as we speak. For your security and that of all our customers, we don’t publish details about our backup and disaster recovery plans. That said we’d be happy to discuss what we have in place to protect your business. We’ve spoken with dozens of customers over the past several days. Please feel free to call us at 781-370-4414.

  • @Gee Thanks for recommending us. Rebuilding your trust is our number one priority. We are offering customers compensation in several forms. Please contact us at 781-370-4414.

  • M Bennouf

    That's great but what is going right now and last night? This is ridiculous. We have been told that the new data center will make things much better. Better how? my management is pissed and i am too. Why is the backup system not taking the load? is there any backup system in the first place?

    Please keep your appologies and FIX the Damn thing!

    Not any happy customer.


  • Ilya

    There is NO way to reach out to you. The president's office refuses to give out any information, and your support ticket system is broken during the outages. Also you refuse to take inbound support calls. You currently have a 97% uptime EXCLUDING scheduled maintenance. You have cost my business $1000's of dollars with your outages…3 outages in 1 month, are you kidding me?

  • OutofBusiness

    I'm curious are there any on-premises alternatives to quickbase, or hosted providers with a guaranteed SLA that we could consider? Quickbase gives us no SLA, no uptime guarantee, and no ETA for restoration of service. Even their support team cannot tell us when we will be up and running. Their website gives no information aside from 'problem, and we're working as fast as we can'. Has anyone successfully moved from quickbase to another platform? This is the worst case of vendor lock-in I have ever seen.

  • Areyoukiddingme

    Dear Brad and Rhonda,

    These outages are a profound waste of time for my company, our vendor and our business partners. Thanking us for our business and patience simply isn't enough. Three words of advice: SORT IT OUT!

    Yours Truly,


  • Patti

    I'm starting to think SharePoint….

  • TodW

    And here we go again… Ugh.

  • Rob

    Brad, it is now slightly over a month after this incident and today we found ourselves, again without access to Quickbase. Can you please explain what the story is this time? Surely you know how much money this costs your customers every time an outage lasts this long. I'm utterly confused how a problem of this magnitude could possibly be allowed to happen a little over a month after your apology letter to your customers. Can you let us know what the story is this time, why it wasn't prevented and what is being done to prevent it from reoccurring.

  • John

    Here is the # to call for support 781-370-4414; Good Luck getting them to answer!!

  • Townsjo

    Could you please provide information on what is happening and why, this outage is causing major problems and whilst it continues we have no access to our data which is causing us major problems. Thanks

  • From our service page: QuickBase continues to be unavailable. We have completed installation of a patch recommended by one of our vendors to address the connectivity issues between the QuickBase application layer and our back-end storage infrastructure. As soon as we bring all the systems back up and complete final validation testing, we will restore the QuickBase service. This process is proving to be much more time-consuming than we anticipated, however, and we currently estimate that we will not be able to complete all the work we need to do for at least 2-3 hours.

    We believe the current outage is a result of connectivity issues between the QuickBase application layer and our back-end storage infrastructure. We have worked with all the vendors responsible for manufacturing the components we use to host our systems to solve this issue. Based on all the information available to us, we believe that restoring service in our new data center is the best path to a fully operational QuickBase platform.

    We will update this page at 8:00am PT today or as soon as we have more information.

    Customers wishing to contact support during our outage can do so by emailing supportrequest@quickbase.com.

  • Jocelyn,

    All the information we have at the moment is on the service page. Here is our most detailed explanation of the outage: We have completed installation of a patch recommended by one of our vendors to address the connectivity issues between the QuickBase application layer and our back-end storage infrastructure. As soon as we bring all the systems back up and complete final validation testing, we will restore the QuickBase service. This process is proving to be much more time-consuming than we anticipated, however, and we currently estimate that we will not be able to complete all the work we need to do for at least 2-3 hours.

    We will update this page at 8:00am PT today or as soon as we have more information.

    — The QuickBase Team

  • Michael

    I could not agree more with Rob's thoughts. Our manufacturing business uses QuickBase across our enterprise both vertically and horizontally integrating our team. If we were to put our customers in a position like QuickBase has put us in, we would not have them around to hear their complaints. This outage is devastating to say the least.

  • Raficus

    Start: 07/20/2010 01:00 End: 07/20/2010 02:05 (65 minutes)

    At 11:00 PM PT, service became unavailable due to a routine maintenance process unexpectedly taking up system resources.

    We worked as quickly as possible to stop that automated process and restore service.

    Service was restored at 12:05 AM PT

    It is the 21st, 10:38AM and service is still not restored, this is obviously not a routine maintenance process using too many resources. This is the second major outage in ~1 month! This is not reliable service!

  • Steve

    Go check out TrackVia. They actually talk about their redundancy in the face of all the security risks it might pose.

  • Edward

    Confirmed by a Quickbase employee, they have fallen victim to a series of large scale cyber attacks. You can delete this comment all you want, the story is still going to press.

  • Mikey

    The tone of the comments here no way near represents the actual level of anger and frustration of the general customer base. It appears they are only allowing comments to stay on the board that take an understanding tone to the hardship Quickbase is undergoing.

  • Edward – I'm sorry but this is simply not true. QuickBase has not fallen victim to a large cyber attack. Your data is safe. We are working feverishly right now to restore service between our app layer and storage infrastructure.

    More info about today's outage is in the community. http://community.intuit.com/posts/outage-faq-ar

  • Mikey – I'm sorry how much anger and frustration this has caused. We have not and will not remove or manage the comment stream. We are monitoring several communication channels and are actively listening and trying to respond as quickly as possible.

    Our main channels for communication are the service page, our Community forum (http://community.intuit.com/category/quickbase), and our support team (supportrequest@quickbase.com or +1 (781) 370-4414.

  • Billb8


    We are all your customers here and we all support your business. Many of us run our own data centers and we understand that things can go wrong. But we also know about business continuity, risk management and single point failures. And unfortunately, we know that you are lying to your customers. The explanations that you have provided about the last 2 outages are simply not possible in a Tier 1 Data Center. You are doing a dis-service to your company's reputation by continuing with these superficial explanations that lack any sense of credibility.

    Most of us convinced our companies to use Quickbase as an enterprise solution because of the redundancy, business continuity and professional IT management that Intuit provides. These recent outages call all of that into question. Do you not have a back-out plan if a maintenance procedure goes awry? Do you not have redundant power supplies? Do you not have the redundancy to support your customers from a DR infrastructure if the primary infrastructure is down?

    I would implore you to tell us the truth about what is happening with this outage. And I would implore you to tell us the truth about your BC/DR architecture.


  • Becky

    Are there any other good internet based database systems out there? We need something more reliable here…….

  • Stuck…

    They're not even trying to reach out to us this time. This is bad.

  • pkatz,

    We've been listening, responding to comments, and providing you with all the information we have. In addition to the Service Page (http://service.quickbase.com/updates.aspx), we have more information on our Community forum (http://community.intuit.com/category/quickbase).

    If you're a customer experiencing problems please send us an email at supportrequest@intuit.com or call our support team at +1 (781) 370-4414. We're working 24/7 to get QuickBase back up and to respond directly to our customers.

    — The QuickBase Team

  • Jean

    We have over 300 client users to an application we built on Quickbase. We chose Quickbase because of its promises of reliability, first and foremost.

    WHERE is the redundancy we were promised when we committed a huge piece of our enterprise, our reputation and our clients enterprises to Intuit?

    Thank goodness we did not fully believe the redundancy and have made backups of our application data. We are now wondering which competitor of Intuits that it would be best to import that data to.

    This situation is not tolerable.


  • Becky

    Yes, we are considering the same. We have so much data in that application……it would be a nightmare to lose it. Any ideas about another system?

  • Aaa

    No need to deny it – comments ARE being deleted here

  • Jean,

    In response to your concern about data loss: We have multiple backup systems that were not affected by the outage. We’ve identified a relatively small number of customers whose data may have been affected. We’re examining our logs and contacting these customers to help them.

    We will also follow up with customers after restoration to tell them what we did and help them understand any changes they might see in the application as a result.

  • FailForQB

    We are a small customer in California. Now that QB is back up we are missing 2 years worth of data from our application. “We do not believe there was any damage or loss to customer data.” Does not sound very reassuring. Now we wait for a long time to even get some type of response from Beta Support Portal….

  • If you are a QuickBase customer, you should submit a support case here: https://www.quickbase.com/support

    More detail on how we are addressing issues with data here: http://community.intuit.com/posts/quickbase-ser

  • FailForQB

    Some one contacted us how nice. 2 years worth of data has still not been restored. No estimate at all when they will attempt to restore data. They will call us. They even asked if it was “mission critical data” to see if it was at all important. Free month worth of service for a useless application. It's making our work very difficult. I cringe at the thought if it was financial data or something of that nature. This kind of thing would have ruined us if we were a different type of business.

  • Edward Correia

    I am a reporter currently reviewing hosted services. NetSuite claims to offer a 99.5% uptime guarantee.

  • Ted

    After the outage problems, I am amazed that the switch over of Intuit online payroll to the “new, improved?” version is so problematical. Intuit reduced the function of the new online service without warning customers. Two weeks before payroll and FY end, I get switched to the new system and must “hack” my accounts to somehow get a payroll out using a service that lacks functions I use. Worse, Intuit says there is no way to switch back for those already migrated – What! no archive? This is no way to run a business.

    I am suspect of Intuits commitment to customer service as more than a slogan.

  • Teachmeman

    I have recently come to you guys and am building a Storefront site and was happy with its progress until the technical details became a burden so I called your help team. I have been waiting now for almost 10 days and nobody seems willing to assist me. I have been promised two contact calls by your people to sort out my problems…still waiting. I am also waiting for an email from a manager who promised to send me some info three days ago…still waiting. I have been told many times that someone will be in touch and nothing happens…I was advised on 2 occasions that the most experienced Storefont person would be getting in touch with me…still waiting. I have spent countless hours on this project and have nothing to show for it….this is nothing to do with outages it’s simply atrocious customer service or to put it in context it is spectacular customer dis-service. I see that the note re outage was 7 months ago…Is it too much to ask for a little assistance?…please or do I need to wait for 7 months?

  • Bill


    Your company just lost every email in my account and cannot restore. Your agents are “sorry”. This is crazy….how can you selll an email service but not be able to back up the accounts. You should at least disclose this.

  • Ronaldcogswell

    My client paid his invoice on the 16th.of this month & i’m still not paid ?? your tech group had me log in with my web site & my e-mail address using my bank information in both i can’t log in on ether on receipt no e-mail
    no answers at all ,those fools i spoke to are Nicco, Nozier, Shad & i’d love to speak to Brad Smith i have a small company doing about $200,000 a year not mush for you guys i know we have a quickbooks now over 5 years & I don’t think you are ready for the big time when collecting payments & paying customers I think you should be investigated by the Attorney General of California if you are really trying to help your customers you
    should e-mail me or call me at 760-295-3951 ronaldcogswell@aol.com

  • guest

    2nd outage this month.  Intuit clearly doesn’t care enough about this product to keep it online.

  • guest

    2nd outage this month.  Intuit clearly doesn’t care enough about this product to keep it online.

  • Greg

    Mr. Brad Smith,
    I’m not happy with the product or service of Quick Books. Two and a half weeks ago we talked to Lizz at ext. 88441. She was to call us back. Never recived a call. I left a message yesterday. No reply. We will be looking for a diffrent venue while we hobble along with  your product and total disregard for good customer service.

    • @6660e7f612a32aa23894345f1a73f352:disqus — I’m sorry you’ve had so much difficulty. I tried reaching out to Lizz and she’s currently out of the office. Have you tried reaching out to QuickBooks Support? The support center offers multiple ways to get in touch with the QuickBooks support team: http://support.quickbooks.intuit.com/Support/ContactUsPhoneList.aspx

      Hopefully that helps. For future reference, this is the blog for Intuit’s online database product, QuickBase, so the QuickBooks team doesn’t regularly monitor these comments.


  • James Gaskell

    Brad .. It seems one hand doesn’t know what the other is doing in your company. I put in for a simple gateway on our website in addition to our go payment account so that customers can input their own credit card information instead of calling us and having us do it .. Ten dollars a month was not too much and they said by last friday it would be approved and workable .. They can’t even find the paperwork and blame it on outside sales people. Wow! .. Quickbooks needs to get it’s act back together while you are growing.

    James Gaskell