3 QuickBase Apps We Recommend – Staff Picks November 2013

You don’t have to re-invent the wheel every time you build a business app in QuickBase. We handpicked 3 apps from the 250+ ready-to-use apps in QuickBase Exchange, built and reviewed by businesspeople like you. Our Staff Picks are successful, user-approved, and interesting. Let us know what you think!

Staff Pick #1: Agenda/Minutes for Meeting Management by Patti Dornacker

This app is for teams who want to track agenda items and minutes in one place. It includes a role for Presenter-only use and has an optional second form to include Action and Decision fields in the Agenda.

Read more about how this app was built and get a word of advice from its creator, Patti Dornacker.

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Staff Pick #2: Complete Sales Manager by Intuit QuickBase

Gain visibility and detailed reporting on sales opportunities and sales pipelines with this very robust sales CRM app. Manage B2B leads, accounts, and contacts  for a comprehensive view of the sales organization.

Sales reps can maintain all activities and important documents in one place, increasing clarity and collaboration in the sales process.

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Staff Pick #3: Lunch Ordering by Intuit QuickBase

Want to run a lunch order at work but don’t want to get bogged down by collecting orders and money?

With the Lunch Ordering app anyone can quickly organize a food run. All you need to do is fill out a quick Lunch Run form entering where the food is being ordered from, who’s picking up, and who’s dealing with finance. The app also calculates a “Runner Benefit” based on the total number of orders which will hopefully provide the “runner” with a free lunch.

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All of these ready-to-use apps, and more are available in the Exchange, for free. Check them out!

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