12.19.10 QuickBase Release: Easier Reporting

QuickBase is designed for the business user (read: non-database engineer), so the latest release is all about making reporting on powerful applications simpler. To simplify reporting, we’ve reduced the need for formula fields in advanced filtering by including some of your most common queries in search criteria.

The two new methods for building advanced filter criteria without formula code are: 1) Relative Data Criteria with Time Zone & Fiscal Year Settings and 2) Value in the Field Criteria. These changes reflect our continued focus on minimizing the need for users to develop complicated solutions for common tasks.

Relative Date Criteria

Let’s say that you want to create a report in QuickBase that will show you all of the opportunities that closed during the current month. Before this release, one approach was to create a formula-checkbox field, called [Current Month?] that would calculate whether the [Actual Close] date occurred during the current month using a formula similar to:

If (([Actual Close] >= FirstDayOfYear(Today())) and ([Actual Close]<=LastDayOfYear(Today())), true, false) You could then create filter criteria that would only show those records where the Current Month? Field was checked, such as:

Now, there is no need to create a new field just to evaluate these filter criteria. Simply use the new is during and is not during operators to create filter criteria based on relative durations of time. For example, to view all opportunities closed this month you would select the criteria as shown below:

Note that we are also dynamically providing a live preview of the calculated duration to the right of the criteria.

Setting Your Own Fiscal Year & Time Zone

Other examples of the Relative Date Criteria include, next week, the previous 2 fiscal quarters, the next month, etc. You may be asking yourself, “My fiscal year starts in August and my week starts on Monday, how will QuickBase know that and return the correct records? The answer is: By allowing you to configure the first month of the fiscal year and the first day of the week through Customize>Application>Settings>Advanced Setting as shown below.

As a bonus, those of you with keen eyes will also notice that we have added another highly requested enhancement to these options. With this release, you can now override the billing account’s time zone with an application-specific time zone.

The Value in the Field Criteria

Another common use case for formula fields is to evaluate filter criteria that compares the values of two fields. For example, let’s say that you want to create a report that shows you all of the tasks that were completed after their estimated finish date. Within the report builder, you may now create a filter that compares the values of Estimated Finish and Actual Finish fields for each record. QuickBase will then return only those records where the Actual Finish date is greater than the Estimated Finish.

The Value in the Field operator works for more than just date fields. You can use it to compare just about any other field type that makes sense, such as text, checkbox, numeric, etc. The only restriction is that the two fields being compared must be the same field type.

To learn more and see other examples of the new features, check out the release notes and video.

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  • Kim

    Help! Is this release fully implemented? Many of my reports are not working. It appears that my filtering criteria has been messed up – ex. selection was for a field “unchecked” and it now says “checked”

    • Robert


      We are currently working on a fix for this problem, and should have it patched soon. Sorry for the inconvenience.

      Product Manager, QuickBase

      • Bbrowder

        Indeed. Not only are my Quickbase reports effectively broken, but so are my 40+ Qnect processes.

        • Kim & Bdrowder — Your apps should be working correctly now. Is everything alright?

      • Kim,

        We issued a patch last night to fix the checked/unchecked bug so you should be all set.


      • Amelia

        Has this patch gone out? I am experiencing the same problem with filters being changed. Additionally, it appears that some of the fields may have been renamed/removed.



        • Amelia,

          The patch did go out so everything should be working properly. We want to get that issue fixed for you ASAP. Have you submitted a support case? If not, that’s the best way to get this addressed: http://bit.ly/dA1oNJ


  • Rajkapoor

    GREAT!!! i have been tweaking such dates since last week / has been interesting mental excercise
    just got this formula to use for forecasting for current and next month.

    and [NextMonth] >= FirstDayOfMonth(Today())
    and [Month Start Date] <= LastDayOfMonth(LastDayOfMonth(Today())+Days(1))

    What I really found interesting was the following in the url

    How does it work / where do you i save this key pair – it was impressive to see how it showed the notification about this blog and removed it – I am rolling out a quickbase for our super business users and such notification defintely looks neat, timely and non-obtrusive

    Guide me to use that feature – (if it is through jquery , couple of hints would help )

  • YvonneG

    Wow, that is a great change, I would also like the ability to report on anniversary type dates, so as a filtering criteria can we do a search for all records that contain a certain month in a particular date field.
    For example if I wanted to do a birthday report I could search on birthdays this month, and it would show me all birthdays regarless of the year in the date field?

  • E.Howard Alter

    This is awesome! What would have made it 100% perfect is if the report filtering criteria also had the option of returning a value of true if any of the following were true in addition to showing if all of the following were true, much the same way it functions in the rules section.

    • That’s great feedback, E. Howard. We’ve passed it along to our PD team 🙂

  • Romeo Ngo

    All of these is great but you seems to mess up everything with limiting only 1000 results to return when using API. THIS NEEDS TO BE FIX ASAP. LETS TRY ADD NEW FEATURES WITHOUT REMOVING OR CHANGING ANY OF THE OLD STUFFS.

    • Alex Hastings

      Romeo — We’ve identified the issue effecting you and are working on the best plan of attack to get it corrected ASAP. We’ll keep you posted.


    • Romeo — We’ve identified the issue effecting you and are working on the best plan of attack to get it corrected ASAP. We’ll keep you posted.


  • Jason

    Do you have plans to fix the problem where the dropdown gets reset when I click Back in Firefox? I spend all of my time searching for particular records: “Record ID#” “is equal to” “value”. I used to be able to search, click Back, type a new number and hit Enter, click Back, etc. Now every time I hit “Back” following a search I have to reset those fields, which has added a significant amount of time to my workflow. This used to work fine a couple versions ago. I reported this as a bug back in March but it is still not fixed.

    • @Jason — If you’ve reported a bug, we’ve captured it and are determining how to address it. We’d love to fix all bugs right away but, as you can imagine, some take longer than others. Have you tried contacting Support to see if they have a solution (other than using another browser)? Open a support ticket here –> https://www.quickbase.com/support


  • Alex Hastings

    @Jason — If you’ve reported a bug, we’ve captured it and are determining how to address it. We’d love to fix all bugs right away but, as you can imagine, some take longer than others.


  • Polly

    Thank you SO MUCH for the second enhancement! I’d previously had to create new formula fields in an already-overloaded table to do what I wanted to do, and now I’ll be able to simplify my application tremendously.

    • We’re so glad the new features are simplifying things for you! That’s our goal!

  • Dvainternet

    Did the predeccesor field type disappear?

    • ErynDB

      No you can only have one predecessor per table – you probably have one defined already

  • Melody

    Robert, the video does not appear play in IE8 on Win 7.

    • Melody

      Never mind – I was just impatient!

  • Royalty1973

    when running a report where the user is asked to select dates (e.g. show x when the date is equal to , the fields used to autopopulate with the current date (but the user could make a change to that if they wanted). However, the date field no longer autopopulates with current date. that disappeared a couple of week ago. Does anyone know what happened to that? Does that have anything to do with the latest release?

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