Grab a Quick Beer with Quickbase

Join us for Quickbase’s construction-focused virtual event on June 2nd at 5:30pm EST!

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Grab a beer with Quickbase

Hear from industry peers who have found success in crafting operationally excellent processes with no-code — and have a beer while you're at it.

What Quickbase Does

Quickbase is a no-code platform that enables your team to cut down on repetitive, manual tasks by building flexible and responsive applications.

Whether you’re tracking contracts and budgets, keeping an eye on minimizing risk, or scheduling your teams, Quickbase can help you build custom applications that work for your unique processes. And since you don’t need to learn how to code to get started, your entire team can pitch in to help.

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Best Practices... and Beer!

We’ll kick off the evening with a presentation from Lisa Neal, Senior Emerging Technology Engineer, to learn how she leveraged low code to operationalize Skanska’s national Strategic Supply Chain Program. This app keeps Skanska team members connected with equipment and material manufacturers and tracks critical project information, from key contacts to pricing and lead times.

After that, we'll transition into a beer tasting with Bentwater Brewery and our very own cicerone to walk us through the different types of beers and the flavor profiles of each, while we have the opportunity to chat and network with other leaders in the space.

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Event Speakers

Lisa Neal

Lisa Neal

Lisa Neal is a Senior Emerging Technology Engineer for Skanska, one of the world’s largest construction and development companies. In addition to supporting construction technology exploration and implementation, Lisa co-leads Skanska’s national Strategic Supply Chain Program and utilizes low code in both disciplines to improve operational efficiency, communication and data transparency.
Jacob MacIntyre, Customer Acceleration

Jacob MacIntyre

Jacob works as the Director of the Customer Acceleration Group at Quickbase where he’s focused on partnering with customers to develop a blueprint of success within the platform. Prior to Quickbase, Jacob had 13 years of experience in the Construction industry. Most recently, Jacob worked for Portland General Electric as a Project Manager where he provided consultation to executives on performance management and benchmarking metrics for the company strategy and corporate planning.

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