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Specializing in Coaching, Training and Application Development to deliver practical permanent solutions to business problems. I focus on leveraging native Quick Base and simple URL formula fields to quickly develop application so that clients can be self sufficient if they choose to be.

My focus for new clients are those who want to learn to "Do It Myself", al least for the basics of Quick Base, so there is a heavy element of coaching and training with all my customer interactions, trying to increase the self sufficiency of my clients. Then I leave the door wide open to contact me when they get stuck on a tricky formula URL buttons, or mass updates, Actions / Webhooks, or tricky relationship setup, or need help implementing a third party Add-on, such as the ones from Juiced technologies.

Business Skill

  • Application Development
  • Business Process Analysis
  • Training
  • Technical Support

Technical Skill

    Add-Ons and Pre-Built Apps help you do more with Quick Base. Looking for a way to extend Quick Base functionality further?

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