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VARC Solutions, LLC

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As a Certified Quick Base Solution Provider and QuickBooks ProAdvisor firm, VARC Solutions provides our clients with an experience that wholly meets the needs of the client operation, from Quick Base Support to QuickBooks Integrations, Quick Base Training to Custom Quick Base Development, and everything in between. Exposure to multiple industries allows the VARC team to quickly understand, develop, and implement customized Quick Base applications effectively and efficiently, enabling our clients to get back to their core business functions.

Business Skill

  • Application Development
  • Business Process Analysis
  • Integration with other Software
  • Training
  • Technical Support

Technical Skill

  • HTML
  • Javascript
  • CSS

Add-On Products From VARC Solutions, LLC

VARC Audit

Audit Trail for your Quick Base Application

TSheets Integration

Connect TSheets with your Quick Base Application


A custom Barcode System.

VARC Starter App

Hit the ground running with this app that has all the basics and allows for an easy connection to Q2QConnect.


QuickBooks Desktop to Quick Base Integration. Connecting YOUR Quick Base and QuickBooks.


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Know what you're getting into

By , PRG on May 29, 2017

First, I'd like to point out that we never got to use Varc's product (Q2Q)we never got to that point. This is a review of dealing with their employees and the uphill battle we briefly faced with them. We came to QuickBase with the need to run a few special projects, but we quickly found ourselves wanting to link and analyze many areas of our business (especially financials). With our accounting department using a desktop version of QuickBooks, our options were limited. So, we did some research and found Varc Solutions. They had strong reviews, so we reached out. Initially things started out great¦They were responsive and helpful, but that soon changed as soon as we signed the document for them just to review our setup. On April 14th 2017, we signed the document for them to review. It took a week for to get us a drop box location for our QuickBooks company file. At that point we were told it should be a few days to a week for the review to take place, no issue there. We checked in after one week, and were informed by the sales rep, that it will be no later than the end of the week. After no communication by the close of business that Friday, we checked in the following Tuesday. Again, “sorry for the inconvenience” should be end of the week. This back and forth continued for almost a month, and at which point we had lost all faith. We did finally receive their review (that cost us 3g), but at that point we had to move on to another solution, since we had deadlines of our own to meet. Our biggest frustration was that Varc's deadlines where all self-imposed (we based our deadlines, for a final product, on those self-imposed deadlines), and they couldn't meet one. If they had only been upfront and communicated realistic time frames, or at the least checked base with us (instead of us pleading for updates), then this review probably doesn't take place. Maybe we just had a rare experience. But, in the end, that's all it takes. Honestly, if you're looking for additional tracking and analysis from linked QuickBooks data, then make the transition (if possible) to Online version of QuickBooks, and save yourself a ton of money and headache.

Great Partner!

By , AVMAC LLC on April 18, 2017

We were in search of a more tailored timekeeping solution as well as the development of a human resource information system (HRIS) that would integrate seamlessly with QuickBooks (our accounting/payroll platform). It was paramount that our HR system would transform our manual/paper hiring and on-boarding process to an electronic one that would integrate seamlessly with QuickBooks. After much research, we discovered VARC Solutions, talked on the phone, and started working together. We left feeling confident that we could develop a tailored solution at a reasonable price and take our timekeeping and HR systems to the next level. VARC’s expertise in integrating with QuickBooks was an absolute game changer. We do the vast majority of our hiring remotely with a most of our contracts in other states. Our system now allows us to centrally do it from Virginia all through our hiring portal. No more 70 page paper packets to print, mail, get signed, and mail or fax back? We do it all electronically now and sign via DocuSign. We also, have transitioned to an electronic document personnel file housed within our employee’s resource file in QuickBase. We went from thinking about buying more filing cabinets to having lots of extra filing cabinet space! I truly appreciate the dedication and level of effort that VARC Solutions has provided.


By , Hillwood on February 20, 2017

We engaged VARC upon our purchase of Quickbase, and their consulting services have been instrumental in the success of our project. If we did not have their services, I am certain the project would not be as successful as it has been. Their team is always very responsive with communication and results. Very happy we have them as our service provider.


By , Detail Management, Inc. on February 2, 2017

VARC is the best partner!

Q2QConnect Helped Significantly Reduce Errors

By , Speed Industrial Supply on October 5, 2016

As our business has grown, we have been able to keep our internal staff at the same size partly due to Q2QConnect. It has saved us from having to hire additional employees. We are able to have multiple people enter items into QuickBase, and have our accounting department open up Q2Q to push the invoices into QuickBooks. Q2Q has eliminated double entry and significantly reduced the chance for human error.

Shoulder to Shoulder

By , L C T on March 23, 2014

Robin worked shoulder to shoulder with me and my team to ensure the database worked correctly and all reports were generated as needed. It was great working with her on this project and I look forward to her assistance in the future.


By , DM Event Service on November 20, 2013

VARC is the ultimate description of a partner. They really understand my business needs and have the products to take me to the next level. It's amazing how much more efficient everything is with the way they have made Quick Base work for me. Their insight is truly what makes the difference. They support me primarily with Quick Base development but it is great to be able to ask questions about other technology and they have insight to share on that as well. They must invest alot to stay on top of it all. I would recommend them to anyone!

On-Time Roll-Out

By , Mark James, LLC on November 19, 2013

We started knowing that we needed a database to help organize our growing business - but that was all we knew. We found Quick Base and a lot of other options, but the important thing for us as a local business was the ability to sit down and meet face-to-face. VARC had local staff which is a lot more personal than the typical dot-com solution. Lauren was our go-to and did a great job for us. Rather than a typical dog-and-pony web-meeting, Lauren came to our office and was genuinely interested in our business and wanted to know how we intended to use the data on the back end so she could design the database right -- the first time. We met once and were able to make our decision quickly. VARC got a beta version up and running within 10 days and we're thrilled! They were easy to communicate with and quick to add functionality when we needed it. Throughout the process, they've demonstrated a "teach us to fish" attitude so that we'll know how to create and modify reports or add a field when we need it. Nevertheless, I know I'll always have a team to help us when we get stuck.

Commitment to Excellence

By on April 4, 2012

I have been working with Robin on Quick Base for about a year. Whenever I have questions or need revisions done, she goes above and beyond. Late nights are a regular schedule for Robin as she delivers quality and timely results. I love working with Robin and appreciate her dedication to my company and those that I work with.

QuickBase CRM

By on April 4, 2012

I selected VARC Solutions to create a CRM in Quick Base from other competing solutions including Robin did an outstanding job creating a customized solution! I would highly recommend VARC for this type of application.


By on April 4, 2012

Robin, Richard and staff are fantastic, knowledgeable, quick to get things done - all around great.

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