MCF Gantt Resource Utilization

MCF Gantt Resource Utilization

Extend our real-time Gantt Tool’s capabilities with the Resource Utilization plugin. This can be used either for a specific project plan or across an entire portfolio. The Visualization automatically aggregates an entire project team’s schedule by individual resource across each of their respective tasks. Color-coded cells bring clear visibility for over and underutilization. When used with the Gantt, the time resolution can be changed together, and the aggregate values will auto calculate to the appropriate metric of Days, Weeks, Months, etc. The Resource Utilization plugin enables organizations to proactively allocate and manage assignments in an efficient and userfriendly manner.


  • View Resourcing for a specific Project or across multiple Projects
  • View and zoom by day, week, month, year, etc
  • Entire UI is custom branded for each client
  • Filter data by Status, Manager, timeframe, and more!
  • Has a calendar capability to mark days that cannot be scheduled
  • Ability to set specific utilization limits
  • Drilldown to see a Resource’s Task details

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