MCF Gantt

MCF Gantt

Manage and Coordinate Projects, Phases, and Tasks Visually with MCF Tech's Gantt Tool for Quick Base

The inherent efficiencies of Gantt charts are multiplied with our Gantt Tool. MCF Tech's Gantt Tool is robust, full-featured, and highly customizable. It is designed to improve project management by making tasks, status and resources more visual. Changes made to Gantt charts are even synchronized across Quick Base applications.

Data can be automatically written back to Quick Base as you make changes in the Gantt chart, making the process truly seamless. Or, you can choose to queue changes made in the Gantt and push them to Quick Base when all changes have been made and approved.

The Gantt Tool allows you to:

  • Select from multiple projects.
  • View hierarchy and status of tasks.
  • View and zoom by day, week, month, year, etc.
  • “Bubbles” can be dragged and dropped, contracted and expanded.
  • Saved changes are automatically updated in the database when completing or updating tasks.
  • Predecessor and successor linking can be done with the click and drag of a mouse.
  • Highlight critical chain or tasks longer than 7 days.
  • Custom color coding on the bars can be based on status and/or other Quick Base data.
  • Filter tasks by progress, project type or workgroup.
  • Cascade changes.
  • Scroll to last task and search for a task.
  • Custom-brand the user interface.
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Reviews for MCF Gantt

Knowledgeable & effective team

It have been a pleasure working with the MCF Tech group. Rama, Katrina and their team were quick to understand our business and technical requirements, and were always very responsive to our needs. Their development process of incorporating efficient and productive meetings combined with the ability to share feedback through their punch list worked extremely well. The Gantt Add-On and additional customized QuickBase enhancements have vastly improved the functionality of our original application and quickly proven to be a wise investment. We look forward to even further customization in the near future.

Wendy Stormont
Birdseye Renewable Energy
March 3, 2017

Extremely helpful and talented

The people at MCF knocked our socks off from the beginning. Their planning was very thorough and well thought. The development process with Rama, Katrina and the rest of the team has been a real pleasure. They go above and beyond to make us happy. We're getting a invaluable product from MCF.

Peden Harris
Birdseye Renewable Energy
December 22, 2016

MCF Technology - Gantt Add-on

We have a great partnership with MCF Technology Solutions and Intuit. The tools MCFTech develops are simple, practical, and bring a ton of value to our business operations. This Gantt Add-On not only works great, it looks great as well. The MCFTech team continues to bring value to us through the thoughtful application of technology anchored in sound business principles. MCFTech isn't just a technology company, they are a business solutions leader.

Greg Sipe
Merck Pharmaceuticals
November 5, 2013

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