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Advanced Reminder Tool

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Utilize the Advanced Reminder Tool From MCFTech to Send Your Users Reminders Based on Rules and a Schedule that You Set.

Enhance your Quick Base reminders by taking full control of native Quick Base reminders. The Advanced Reminder tool allows you to use HTML to neatly format reminder emails, and you can even control what actions trigger reminders and how often they’re sent. You can also control the frequency of your reminders and can set reminders to go out based on very granular actions inside Quick Base, including a date in a field, or even a field change.

Some common use-cases include:

  • Let your sales staff know they have a task that is late
  • Send an inventory clerk reminder emails one month, one week, and one day before a scheduled inventory
  • Alert a Project Manager to deliverables which are not on schedule
  • Notify your support team that there is a customer help case which is in danger of not meeting your SLA’s
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