Grow Sales by Unlocking Your Zendesk Customer Service Data

A Quickbase CRM app connects with Zendesk in just a few clicks!
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A Quickbase CRM App + Zendesk are better together

  • Do more with your Zendesk data

    A Quickbase CRM app gives your sales team seamless access to ticket data from Zendesk so they can sell more. Connect Quickbase with Zendesk in just a few clicks and keep your data in sync automatically.

  • Keep your sales team in the know

    Drag-and-drop reports in Quickbase consolidate customer and ticket data to put insights and answers at your sales team’s fingertips.

  • Fast track issue resolution

    Ticket transparency and alerts enable sales reps to replace calls from angry customers and ad-hoc fire drills with proactive outreach to customers with unresolved issues. Close more deals by collaborating with customer service and fast-tracking issue resolution for opportunities.

  • Grow customer relationships

    Engage customers based on insights from customer service interactions, for example, interest in using your product/service for a different purpose. Increase up-sell and cross-sell revenue, improve retention, and lifetime customer value.

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Why Quickbase?

  • Securely share the right data with the right people through highly configurable permissions and roles that control access to data and applications.
  • All of your data in one place makes it easy to gather information and keep it up to date without reliance on email or spreadsheets.
  • Access your data from anywhere since Quickbase lives in the cloud. Quickbase is automatically optimized for all mobile and tablet devices.
  • Customize one of many starter apps or build from scratch a completely customizable CRM solution that fits your business needs. Create additional apps, such as for project management, at no extra charge.

"At Cura Deuda, Quickbase is the backbone of our business; it’s where we manage our prospects and customers, as well as our workflows and projects. Connecting Quickbase with Zendesk made it easy to provide our sales team with visibility into ticket information related to their accounts. The integrated solution enables sales to sell more and our customer service reps to provide higher quality support thus creating a better and longer customer life cycle."
Daniel Carvallo, Co-founder, Cura Deuda
Zendesk customers use Quickbase to improve customer service and sales communication