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The world's most innovative companies use Quickbase to turn their ideas into business solutions

Point and click to create, customize, and integrate CRM and any other business app.

    Unlike Salesforce, Quickbase's no-code app building platform empowers business users you to build exactly the solution they need.

    App Building

    Build and customize web and mobile apps with no coding or scripting required

    App building beyond basic apps requires components built by professional developers


    Build or customize apps for any business process including CRM

    CRM-centric process model limits applicability


    Start by customizing one of 800+ pre-built apps or create a new app from existing data or from scratch

    Costly professional implementation and customization

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    • Reduce 100,000 emails and improve collaboration across your team

    • Eliminate 3,000 spreadsheets and time spent on manual data entry

    • Save $150,000 in administrative costs and improve efficiency