Modernize your outdated
Lotus Notes apps

• A better way to collect, analyze, and share your data in the cloud.
• Easily develop business applications that can integrate with existing systems,
all without coding.
• Achieve better performance, scalability and organizational agility.

The world's most innovative companies use Quickbase to turn their ideas into business solutions

Evolve from old legacy systems. Grow with Quickbase.

Lotus Notes was once an industry dominant platform for its database, collaboration, email and app development capabilities. Despite wide adoption in countless businesses, Lotus Notes failed to address the needs of modern companies. Since the inception of cloud database technology, to the arrival of low-code development platforms, Notes did not keep pace with fast-changing business technology needs, leaving clients with costly legacy systems. Enterprises are now seeking modern low-code development platforms like Quickbase to migrate their business data and streamline organizational processes.

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3 reasons why Quickbase is the best alternative to Lotus Notes:

  • Your data lives safely in the Cloud

    With the growing number of mobile devices, successful businesses need access to their business data from any device in any place at any time. When you use our online database software, you benefit from our long legacy of trust and a cloud platform that supports thousands of businesses in a wide range of industries from finance and healthcare to legal and government.

  • Easy integration

    Whether your business operates on old legacy systems or modern front-end applications, Quickbase allows you to easily connect and integrate your apps with other services in just a few clicks! Easily bring and leverage external data into your Quickbase app and keep it automatically in sync.

  • No code? No problem

    Maintaining legacy systems increases the business’ reliance on IT. Quickbase empowers business leaders to solve problems in a new way – quickly, easily, and without programming skills. With point-and-click simplicity, people of all technical backgrounds have been using Quickbase to create solutions that streamline processes, capture real-time data, and improve company operations, all while working in concert with existing systems.

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Dive in and start customizing the tools you need to run your business. Try Quickbase free for 30 days: no credit card required, no software to download, no obligation! Start building an app from scratch or find a pre-built app in our Exchange and learn how to customize it without coding via our online training portal, Quickbase University.

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See how Quickbase can help you focus on the real work and make running your business a breeze. Work with one of our Quickbase solutions consultants to discover how you can use Quickbase to cure your biggest administrative headaches and automate complex, time consuming processes.

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Data collection and management made simple.

With just a few clicks, you can create your own online database solution. Our intuitive, easy-to-use software lets you quickly build a database from scratch with forms, fields and tables based on your needs. Accomplish it all using a simple, visual interface that requires no coding or IT assistance. Seamlessly upload spreadsheets and other information, and house everything in one centralized and secure place.

With Quickbase, you can organize and manage data in the cloud. Whatever kind of information you need to store — sales leads, project milestones, HR records — we make it easy to collect and use that data in a way that makes sense to you.

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