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Don't be limited by Basecamp. Create a better Project Management solution with Quickbase.

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Empower Project Managers With Real-Time Data

Ensure that your team has the information they need when they need it. Enable managers to easily access their most critical information like project timelines and statuses, and enable everyone to filter, sort, group, search, and modify reports using our easy-to-use report builder. Need data from other apps? With only a few clicks, connect Quickbase with other cloud apps and sync data automatically.

Basecamp only allows users to store document links and files but the data itself is not stored within Basecamp. As a result there is no ability to do any data analysis and reporting. Quickbase is a powerful online database that enables you to easily store, analyze and report on your data.

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Fully Customizable to Your Needs

Unlike one-size-fits-all software like Basecamp, Quickbase lets you tailor your project management solution your way—to match your team and business exactly. After all, your tool should match the way you work—not the other way around. It is easily configurable to match your unique business processes including workflows, roles and permissions, reports, and dashboards.

Save Time by Automating Your Busywork

Tired of hounding teammates for status updates? Quickbase's workflow automation is like hiring an assistant for everyone on your team—one who can complete tasks, share updates, and request changes. And no need to worry about work falling through the cracks, because automated alerts and reminders ensure your team members take the right actions at the right time.

With a less powerful solution like Basecamp, all of your repetitive processes are manual and rely on email. Eliminate repetitive processes for everyone on the team with Quickbase.

Fine-Grained Permissions For Your Project Management Apps

Quickbase enables app builders and admins to exert granular control over who sees what information. With Basecamp, admins have less control over what users can see and modify.

With no-code, highly configurable permissions in Quickbase, you can shape workflows of where information goes and who sees it, down to the field- and query-level. You can even test as another role or specific user in your app to check everything is setup exactly the way you want.

Not just better than Basecamp. Quickbase allows you to create custom project management solutions that fit your exact business needs. No coding required.