A Letter From the CEO

For over 20 years, Quickbase has been on a mission to unlock potential — that of people, organizations, and the world at large. But that mission is larger than the people and teams we serve. In order to do our best and most authentic work, we need to lean into the potential of our own community. We’re stepping up and taking on an active role in driving change, whether that’s in the fight against social injustice or environmental degradation.

Before we can change the world, we have to create an inclusive environment at home. That’s why we’re committing to making changes within our own community, by establishing strong policies and teams to see them through. Quickbase is striving to become both the most inclusive company in software and a leader among contemporaries in the corporate environmental movement. We’re doing this by developing a robust network of employee resource groups across our organization, by including diversity and inclusion expectations in our new hire onboarding process, and by working toward ranking in the Human Rights Campaign’s corporate equality index in 2023 — to name a few.

We’re building a work community that more accurately reflects our society, with increased representation across racial, ethnic, and gender groups. Within the United States, we’re increasing the representation of Black, Latinx, Indigenous, and those who identify with 2+ races from 12.5 percent in early 2021 to 16 percent by 2022. We’re also focused on increasing racial representation of our US managers from 10.8 percent to 16 percent before year end. Globally, we’re focused on reaching gender parity. By 2022, 35 percent of US managers and 40 percent of global managers will identify as women.

We’re making incremental, sustainable impact to influence broader culture changes across our company, our cities, and our communities. Quickbase is reducing carbon emissions by half by 2027 and becoming fully carbon neutral by 2030. We’re operating within LEED-certified buildings in our Boston headquarters and are working on initiatives surrounding sustainable, diverse suppliers. By establishing strong policies and a dedicated team to carry out environmental initiatives, we’re unlocking the potential for our company to do better for our planet and our communities.

I’m proud of the progress we’ve made to put corporate citizenship at the center of Quickbase’s values, and I’m excited for the journey that lies ahead.


Ed Jennings, Quickbase CEO