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How to Build & Scale Supplier Diversity

Over the past year, the need for cultural change around diversity has taken center stage. For those in supply chain, supplier diversity is the hot topic; leaders are being tasked with increasing supplier diversity in their organization.

But like many strategic priorities, while we know supplier diversity is the objective, many are unsure of how to start. And for some, the impact of diverse suppliers is unclear: Is this purely for public relations? What is the impact on the bottom line?

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How Diversity In Suppliers Can Serve Your Team

We'll discuss what diversity means in 2021, why it's critical to your supply chain (beyond good publicity), and actionable steps you can take to build & scale a diverse pool of suppliers. You'll learn:

– What supplier diversity means in 2021
– Why it's critical to your supply chain & bottom-line impact
– How organizations are building diverse supplier fleets
– Technology and tools you can use to scale & streamline your efforts

Webinar Speakers

Andrea Forsht

Andrea Forsht, Director of DEI

After graduating from the University of Minnesota with a degree in Strategic Communications, Andrea started her career as a Teach For America Corps teacher in Miami Dade County. In her current role as the Director of Diversity, Inclusion and Social Impact at Quickbase, Andrea is responsible for building initiatives that attract, hire and develop diverse talent, contribute to an equitable and inclusive workplace culture.
Micha Hardie

Micha Hardie, Marketing Manager

Micha specializes in educating supply chain professionals on how they can achieve agile operations via citizen automation and flexible technologies like no-code. In her current role, she works with a variety of publications and user groups to share how no-code allows for real-time visibility and automation across complex processes & siloed systems. Micha joined Quickbase in July of 2019 after working in the data security and optimization space.