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If you have the permissions to add users to your application, QuickBase lets you share your application with others in a number of different ways:

Note: If your application includes user fields, you can also add or invite users as you enter data in your application. And, you can import users if you want to share your application with many users. This topic, though, covers the paths listed above.

The Share With a New User dialog

If you follow either of the paths listed above, you'll see the Share With a New User dialog:


Use this dialog to add and assign roles to new users. You can choose to invite users by sending an email, or to simply add them without inviting them.

Tip: People you want to invite do not need to have existing QuickBase user accounts. If you invite someone who's never registered before, QuickBase creates a provisional user account. You can ask QuickBase to send the user an email at any time (read how below). Once your invitee clicks the link in the email and registers with QuickBase, your application opens in their browser.

If you know the user's email address

In the input box on the dialog, you can enter or paste an email address (

Note: You can also enter an email domain name if you want to grant access to all users in your company, or in another company. Learn how.

If you need help finding users

QuickBase can also help you find users when you're not quite sure of their names, email addresses, or user names.

QuickBase auto-suggest

QuickBase uses auto-suggest to help you find groups you belong to and users in your company.

The QuickBase address book

You can also use the QuickBase address book to find users. (Click the address book icon to the left of the user field.) Use the address book when you're not sure of the user's email address, user name, or full name.

Adding users to different roles

You must assign a role to each user you add to your application. If you want to add several users and assign them to different roles, click the Add users in another role link on the dialog. A new line appears, allowing you to specify additional users and assign a different role.

Add and invite users or groups to your QuickBase application

To add and invite users or groups to your QuickBase application:

  1. Access the Share With a New User dialog using either of these paths:

  2. Identify the users and/or groups you want to add in the box provided and select the appropriate role.

  3. Select the Send email invitation option if you would like to send an email to the new user.

  4. Click Add.  

  5. If you chose to send an email invitation, the Send Invitation dialog displays. Either accept the default message, or compose a new one, and click Send. QuickBase sends the new user an email message inviting them to the application.

Add users without sending an invitation

If you want to add users without sending an email invitation, make sure the Send email invitation option is not selected on the Share With a New User dialog. QuickBase adds the user to your application, but does not send the email message with the invitation. You can send an invitation later using the Send  Invitation option on the Users page.

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