Create a Calendar

To display your records in calendar format:

  1. Open the QuickBase Report Builder page.

    You can do so in one of the following ways:

  2. In the dialog, select Calendar and click Create.
    QuickBase displays calendar design options.

  3. Tell QuickBase how to display events on the Calendar.
    Use controls in the Calendar Entries section to design the events that appear on your calendar. You can:

  4. Set display options.
    Some additional options set the display and behavior of event records. You can set:

  5. Tell QuickBase what records you want to see.
    If you want your calendar to show only a certain kind of record or only records that meet specific conditions, you can tell QuickBase so in the Report Builder's Filters section. For example, maybe you only want to show projects belonging to a certain department. Or maybe you'd only like to see tasks that are not completed. To make choices like this, go to the Filters section and select the Filter records radio button. Then make the selections you want. (Read how.)

  6. If you want, create a calculated column for the report.
    Adding a calculated column brings the power of QuickBase formulas to report design. Read why you'd want to add a calculated column and learn how.

  7. When you're done, click Display to view the results of your modifications. If you don't like the results, click the Customize button at the top of the page to return to the Report Builder.

  8. Save the report. To do so, you will need to supply a name for the report, and whether you're saving the report as Personal (only you can view it) or Common (others can view it).

    About saving Common reports:
    You can only save a common report if the manager of the application has granted you permission to do so. When you save a common report, you don't need to allow absolutely everyone access to it. QuickBase prompts you to select the roles that should see it. To share with all application users, select All Roles. (An Application Manager can change which reports a particular role can access at any time. To learn how, see Specifying Which reports a User Can Access.) To help others understand what your report shows, type in a description. If you want the description to display above the report, turn on the Show description on report page checkbox.

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