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Mobile QuickBase is a mobile-friendly version of the QuickBase website that you can use in a browser on your mobile device. Use mobile QuickBase on your smartphone or tablet to access your applications on-the-go.

We support the following mobile operating systems:

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Note: Several field types behave differently in the mobile site than they do in the full QuickBase site when viewing and editing records. Read more.

Features available in mobile QuickBase

Currently, mobile QuickBase allows you to:


Signing into mobile QuickBase

When you sign into QuickBase on your mobile device, you can choose whether to sign into the mobile site (default) or the full site. QuickBase defaults to your choice the next time you visit the sign-in page.  


Mobile sign in page.  You can swipe the Sign in to slider to sign into the full site instead.


Signing into Mobile QuickBase Using SAML Authentication

If your company uses a certain type of corporate authentication (called SAML), you must sign into QuickBase using your corporate sign-in credentials.  The first time you open the mobile sign-in page, you will be asked if you have a corporate username and password.  If you tap Yes, you are redirected to your regular corporate sign-in page.  After you sign in, you are returned to the mobile site. From then on, you will go directly to your corporate sign-in page when you access QuickBase on your mobile device.

In some cases, your company may not have made its sign-in page available outside of the corporate network.  You won't be able to access the sign-in page if your mobile device isn't registered on that network.


Navigating mobile QuickBase

When you sign into mobile QuickBase, the My QuickBase Apps page displays a list of your applications.  From here, you can open an application, sign out, or tap the Full Site link to open the full version of QuickBase.


My QuickBase Apps page

Once you have opened an application, you can use the menu, shown below, to navigate. If you are using the mobile site on your smartphone, open the navigation menu by tapping the Menu button menubutton_mobile.png  in the upper left corner in any application page.  If you are using the mobile site in landscape mode on an Apple iPad or any other tablet with a screen resolution of 1024px or greater, the menu opens automatically on the left side of the screen and remains open while you are in an application.  


Mobile site menu

From the menu, you can select:

You can also use the browser controls to return to a previous page.


Returning to mobile QuickBase from the full site

If you opened the full site, you can easily return to the mobile site by tapping the Go back to mobile link at the bottom of any QuickBase page. If you are in an application, the mobile Dashboard opens for that application. Otherwise (for example, if you are on the My QuickBase page), the My QuickBase Apps page opens.


Submitting feedback on mobile QuickBase

We welcome your feedback on our mobile site!  Share an idea or file a bug report right from your mobile device by tapping the Feedback menu option. You can also tap the Rate This menu option to rate your experience with mobile QuickBase.


Signing out of mobile QuickBase

Sign out of mobile QuickBase by tapping the Sign out button.  This button is located both on the menu within an application and as an option on the My QuickBase Apps page.


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