Weight Loss Tracker v1.0

Author: Eric Hansen
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This is a weight loss tracker in the vein of a popular reality television show. While this application would certaintly be perfect for individual use, it is superb for group weight loss tracking for fun or competition purposes. The Sample Data that is populated in this application is from The Biggest Loser Season #4. To view more details about the data and its source, view the wikipedia article at this URL: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Biggest_Loser_(season_4) Enjoy!


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Far too complicated - but potential

By over 3 years ago

Was far too complicated to manage. Would've loved to add participants and have them log in and see their stats and only specific information for other participants (as in ONLY percent of weight lost) in order to view the current leaderboard.

Weight Loss tracker v.1.0

By over 3 years ago

Again this app is for bigger companies and would be great support for members to keep track of their losses. Incentives would be great to post at different weight goals met. Makes loosing fun and something to work for besides less weight. ( Example- 1 1/2 pd lunch break. Healthy lunch paid for by the company, etc.)

very cool weight tracker

By over 3 years ago

easy to figure out how much i can eat during day and how much i have to exercise off. it figures it out for you. Also it tells you - if your BMI is totally out of whack and by how much. Nice personal or team event app

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