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Author: AJ Campani
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***Note from the Curator*** This application is a version of Simple Contact Manager with very subtle modifications. One of the most visible changes is the addition of a report on the home page to track new leads generated in the past two weeks. This replaces the customer location map that is present on the original Simple Contact Manager home page. This was created by a title examiner at a full service title agency that has processed over 60,000 land transactions, including 4,000 residential sales. Original Description from Simple Contact Manager: Track contacts, phone calls, emails, and future appointments, and upload important documents in this simple CRM App. Basic chart reports on the home page show marketing actives and results at a glance.


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Ok experience with quickbase.

By over 3 years ago

Very customizable, just not very intuitive. Lacks good mobile support.

love it

By over 3 years ago

love this application. allows me to do stuff that i need

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AJ Campani

Our company has used Quickbase to coordinate large volumes of land transfers (post Hurricane Katrina) by connecting abstractors directly to our apps to allow transfer of abstracts, tax information, etc. automatically. We generate form documents (title exams, commitments and insurance policies) using Exact Forms and we create special limited access pages for clients to view files and reports. I'm a graduate of Tulane Law School, a partner at Richards, Higdon, Huguet & Campani. I don't have any programming training. I am a huge fan and advocate of Quickbase because the projects mentioned above could have been logistical and management nightmares. Instead, Quickbase apps kept us apprised of progress in all aspects of each project, kept the projects on time and provided a central location to store and share information easily. As we need additional functionality I look to the Quickbase Help and Community for answers; so far that has been a very successful approach for us.