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Collaborate, communicate, and share project information with team members quickly and easily with this project team focused app. Project managers can create projects, assign tasks to one, or several team members, and view the status and health of every aspect of every project or task the team is working on. Team members can log in and clearly see their own allocated tasks and who else they are working with. Document Sharing and Team Messaging components add the dimension to this application needed for teams to succeed no matter their process or workflow. This application is a great starting point and can be customized to meet the needs of most any project team.


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Quickbase App

By over 3 years ago

Great app, awesome features, very good tech support, just what our Team needed!

Big Learning Curve

By over 3 years ago

Although the learning curve is high, it is pretty intuitive once you get the database set-up and running.

Friendly navigation

By over 3 years ago

We are using the app to create tables that are inter related. It was easy as we only had to follow the steps. We also created templates with a button. The placement of the button and the "how to" were easy to create and place where we wanted on the template.

Simple Project Management

By over 3 years ago

We were looking for a fast and easy way to organize our multitude of annual tasks with the advantage of shared visibility and communication. In addition we wanted needed a way to view tasks that were due in the short term. Simple Project Management has provided us with what we needed, it is easy to use, the export/import function saves time, and the flexibility to tailor our own reports and home page allow us to see what we need to when we need it. Thumbs up on this App.

Team Collaboration Project Manager App

By over 3 years ago

This app is great for tracking simple projects that require multiple tasks/phases. I especially like the grid edit feature so that I may see the tasks/projects listed and correct or amend things on the fly. The reports are a bit confusing to customize - most likely my inexperience. I found the canned reports adequate for what I need.

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