Styled Text Formula Builder

Author: Brian C.
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A quick way to generate formulas to display with your own personal style. Change the color and size of your text, no coding knowledge required! ***NOTES FROM THE CURATOR*** A beautifully easy to use solution to create font "graphics" to make your app look unique. Easy to follow directions make it easy to create colorful and distinctive applications.


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Styled Text Formula Builder app

By over 3 years ago

This app makes creating formulas for text so much easier. I so appreciate this app. it is very helpful!

Great nifty app!

By over 3 years ago

It is a convenient app that has a nive repsository of the color palette which is extremely useful with the hex codes and creating a styled text formula to use in my apps is pretty quick and error-free. Does save me time playing around with the missing quotes or colons. Bottom line. Syntax errors can be avoided with this app which saves time.

Tips and Tricks - Many more like these would be great !

By over 3 years ago

Just having text on a form doesn't mean users will read it. Having the ability to add color just helps get the point across - but learning how to do this can be frustrating. This tool makes formula generation a breeze (and you are learning at the same time how to work more with formulas). Perhaps a similar version can be created to simplify the IF and CASE formulas as well.


By over 3 years ago

it seems to do a nice job it was desing to do a good learning idam

Ways to improve styled text formula

By over 3 years ago

It would be better if drop downs could have html code added to them, not just having to copy and paste everytime. It would save time in the long run so if multiple people were entering information that needs to be color coded, you wouldn't have to keep sharing the code needed with them.

Great use case. This generates the code using QuickBase.

By over 3 years ago

What more can you say? "Cool!" It uses values selected to generate the HTML/CSS code for your formula text fields.