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Good things and concerns on tracking student events

By over 3 years ago

Merits: Nowadays people are living in a fast-pace life in the society, most parents get work to do every day, they have very little time to be the side of their children. Thus parents can't sufficiently understand how their children are going with their school life and their study performance, and the result is that parents don't know the development of their children and don't know what their children really need. But if parents have a way such as this app to track their children's events in school, parents will know what take place around their children every day and how their children are doing in the campus, so that parents will have better ways to cultivate their chlidren. Drawbacks: I'am concerned that if this is a public platform, whether it means that the students are completely exposed to the monitoring of all the parents. If so, whether private information of yong students will be released , whether it will bring bad effects to stuendts and interfere with their developments in the school yards.

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