Sprint Retrospective

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Keep track of team learnings from Scrum Sprint Retrospectives. Easily document what things went well, what did not and vote on actions to take to improve the next sprint. Optionally categorize reflections.


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Sprint Retrospective

By 2 years ago

I know this template is just for the Retrospective. It does a decent job of that. However, QuickBase really needs a full Agile/Scrum template to be useful for my needs. A higher on my Backlog of template needs would be: Project Backlog, Sprint Backlog, Burndown Chart, Sprint Plan with Tasks, Sub-Tasks, Effort Hours/Points, Defect Tracking/Traceability, and Resource Management. Easy-Peasy.

Good, but not quite right for what I needed

By over 3 years ago

I downloaded this app to see if it would be appropriate to use for a 2 year project retrospective, but true to the description, it is designed for sprints or shorter term pieces of an overall larger initiative. I may customize it or use it as a reference to develop my own.