Author: Chris Baker
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This application is a generic template that teams can use to develop software using Scrum. It has evolved through experimentation and use over a period of two years, with the aim of balancing usability, productivity and flexibility. It provides a Product Backlog, Sprint Backlog, burndown charts, and a place to enter miscellaneous information related to the project. The Scripts table contains records with File Attachments that you will need in order to take full advantage of this application. Please use the 'Help, Guide to Scrum' menu for details about using this application. Remove this default 'Info' section from your Dashboard when you are ready to start using this application. Information about Scrum can be found at


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Good app for agile managment

By over 3 years ago

This app effectively helps to manage a scrum team. It's structure takes some exploration, and getting used to, but once you have it you can be effective. The additional plugin and coding required for some of the charts may be beyond the basic QB user's capability, but the benefit is substantial

Good SCRUM starting point

By over 3 years ago

Definitely like this app, the ruby portion is complicated, and we modified to include a products table as the master.

Scrum App Meets Expectations

By over 3 years ago

I've used other apps previously to help organize backlogs, sprints, etc for projects; and the Scrum App is on par with those previously used applications. It's intuitive and allows me to keep track of all backlog items. Additionally, it helps keep sprints organized so that you can stay on track for project completion.

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