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This is a simple app to help anonymous users sign up for spots on a schedule. On their home page they can only see spots not yet claimed. ***NOTE FROM CURATOR*** This is a very basic implementation of a simple online signup sheet for time slot "Sessions" for a specific program. The assumption is that prospective attendees already will have background information on the program. The User could easily adapt the app to apply to sessions for multiple programs and can implement additional functions for showing users additional information about the session.


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Lifesaver - love this app

By over 3 years ago

I modified it quite a bit but the main thing I needed was to allow agent sign up slots (for training) that have a specific number of availability, and once that number of agents signed up it would show as "not available". I am working on making it not show up at all for agents once it's "not available" but that's no big deal. So nice to have this app to play with and modify!

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Eloyse Ellerman

I have worked in QuickBase for years and years. I enjoy figuring out how to solve problems using the platform. If I develop something that I think someone else could find useful, I try to submit it to Exchange so that I can save someone time having to do it themselves. I am always amazed by the cool things other users have done with QuickBase.